SHCC Officers - 2018


Don VanSyckel

Don has been with SHCC since the beginning in November 1988 as one of the dozen founders who established the SHCC.  He is currently the president, and has been president, vice president, and secretary in the past.  Don enjoys cross country skiing in the winter and bicycling in the summer.  Along with the yard work and honey-do's, if you throw in a little computing, it makes for a full schedule.  Don has done Unix, Novell, and Windows administration.  He currently does specialty projects involving databases, client server data bases, web apps, and Perl, on both Unix and Windows platforms.

Vice President

Mike Bader

Mike owns his own computer consulting business and has several web-based and home-based businesses. He has been a SEMCO member for over 30 years and has been working with computers for 40 years. Mike likes to dabble in electronics and has a ham (amateur) radio license. He likes cars of any kind and attends a lot of car shows, cruises, and other events.


Rick Kucejko

Rick joined the club in 1994,is a former vice president, and has been the WYSIWYG editor for over 15 years. Rick is recently retired and enjoys his newfound free time. Presently he is an instructor at Seniornet, which is an organization that teaches computer usage to senior citizens, and a tax preparation aide in AARP, which is an activity that prepares taxes for lower income seniors. Other new found activities are gardening in the summer and digitally scanning a lifetime of pictures into the computer to organize into a family history.


Bernard DeFazio

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