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The Sterling Heights Computer Club was started when 12 computer enthusiasts got together one evening after a presentation on virus protection software at the Sterling Heights Public Library.  These 12 individuals developed a vision to form a group that would support the education of the members on microcomputers and the software that runs on them.  This was in November 1988 when the top of the line PC was a blazing 286 and a top of the line hard drive was 40 Megabytes big which was plenty of room to store anything one's heart could desire. <g>

The Goal of the Sterling Heights Computer Club is to promote an understanding and knowledge of microcomputers and software for the mutual benefit of the membership.

Our membership has been up and down over the years.  We have peaked with 124 members and have been averaging around 35+ for the last few years.  We are currently over 33 members with average meeting attendance of 22.

Past Meeting Presentations and Presenters

Meeting Locations

We have moved our main meeting to several locations after the library and now reside at the Sterling Heights Community Center.  This is a great facility for groups like ours.

Our SIGs have met in a number of locations including member homes in the past.  Prior to moving all of our SIGs to the Macomb County Library, the SIGs met at Oakbrook Elementary School in Sterling Heights.


The Officers have changed a bit over the years, but one thing has remained constant, a dedication to give the members what they want.  Their dedication has made the SHCC one of the finest groups in the Detroit Metro area.  Sure there are plenty of good groups in the area, but the SHCC has built a reputation of delivering value and education for anyone who has attended one of their main meetings on the first Tuesday of the month.  It is the hard work of the officers (past and present) that have made such a great group.

These are the Current Officers (2024).
President: Don VanSyckel
Vice President: Mike Bader
Treasurer: Paul Baecker
Secretary: open

Here is a list of past officers:

Bader, Mike vp
Baecker, Paul secr treas secrtreas
Carson, Jerry vp 
DeFazio, Bernard treas 
Frederick, Ronald vp 
Greenen, Mike vp 
Held, Martee secr 
Hess, Jerry vp vp 
Hibbard, Craig vp 
Kucejko, Rick vp secr 
Little, Pat secr 
Morawski, Dick treas 
Newman, Gary secr 
Plamondon, Fredvp 
Rady, John vp 
Reynaud, Phil vp 
Schummer, Rick secrpressecr 
Sekol, Stevesecr treas 
Trombley, Edtreas treas 
VanSyckel, Donpresvpsecrpres
Watt, Tom treas 
Widiger, Al secr 

We owe a debt of gratitude to these dedicated members who have literally volunteered thousands of hours to the club!

Special Interest Groups (SIG)

To supplement the education needs of specific types of members the SHCC has made provisions to support Special Interest Groups (SIGs).  These groups concentrate on a specific topic like the Internet/Communication SIG.  Other SIGs focus on a specific type of user like the PC SIGs.  We are currently supporting the following 0 SIGs, the main meeting being one.

    In the past we have had other Special Interest Groups.  These are the SIGs that no longer meet:

    1. Apple Macintosh SIG (1990-1990):
      The Macintosh computer from Apple was a popular product a number of years ago.   This SIG supported members using this innovative hardware platform.   There is talk from time to time to resurrect this SIG, but never someone to organize and lead it.
    2. Library SIG (1990-1990):
      For a while the SHCC was supporting the Sterling Heights Library computers that are on the second floor.   We also had volunteers that helped Library patron's on Saturday afternoons.
    3. Prodigy SIG (1990-1990):
      Prodigy was one of the "original" online services (along with CompuServe, America Online, and Genie) and was extremely popular back in 1990.   The popularity of the SIG however was short lived.
    4. FoxPro SIG (1992-1995):
      FoxPro is a developer database product used to build custom applications.   The SIG members were there to learn about FoxPro development and databases in general.   This SIG closed when the Detroit Area Fox User Group was formed and better served the needs of the local FoxPro developers.
    5. Small Business SIG (1997-1998):
      The Small Business group assembled to gain information on how computers can be used to enhance a small business.   The group started strong but quickly fizzled because the participation and leadership was lacking.
    6. Power Users SIG (1992-2000):
      The Power SIG was a group that served the needs of a small group of computer experts in the club.   Over time more people joined, and the topics became more intermediate level topics.   The SIG was changed to the PC SIG in 2000, in line with how the SIG had evolved.
    7. Linux SIG (2002-2003):
      A small group joined to learn about the Linux operating system.   The group started with a few dedicated members interested in the Linux operating system, but decreased in attendance, so it was disbanded.   The timing was wrong.
    8. Novice SIG (1994-2008):
      Several members wanted additional instruction about beginner topics.   The group started with these members.   Over the years the group has grown and shrunk.   Recently (2008) the group has shrunk, hopefully because the members have advanced beyond novice.
    9. Main (1989-2010):
      our main meeting
    10. Internet/Comm SIG (1995-2010):
      This SIG explored various features of the internet and other methods of communicating such as email. Also covered were the various browsers and email clients available.
    11. PC SIG (2000-2010):
      The PC SIG was a group that discussed intermediate level PC related topics. Most was based on Windows applications and other related digital technologies.
    12. Novice SIG (2014-2016):
      Previously we had a Novice SIG through 2008. Attending members were pleased with the advancemnents they had made.   Now, a whole new crop of novices are attending and learning.
    13. Microsoft Windows SIG (2010-2017):
      The Microsoft Windows SIG meets to discuss and demonstrate Windows based applications.



    There have been other activities that the SHCC has participated in like manning tables at various computer trade shows and Sterling Heights Garage Sales.  We have held a number of Beginner Workshops, member Swap Shops, helped Channel 56 (PBS) by manning phones for a telethon, co-sponsored Microsoft's Technology User Group Tour in April 1994, and the Windows 95 Tour in May of 1995.

    The SHCC was also recognized as the Computer Club of the Month in the July 1994 issue of PC World (page 237 if you are interested).  The members of the club submitted tips to the "Here's How" column.

    SHCC Present

    Today the club is as strong than ever, thou a bit smaller. We experienced membership growth for many years reflecting the boom in the home PC market. As time pasted many people became familiar with PCs and PCs became an appliance to many. Today there are still those who use PCs in new and unique ways and enjoy meeting, discussioning, and hearing about various computer related topics.

    SHCC Future

    In the computer business, a year is over in a day.  Predicting where the computer club will stand is just as hard to predict.  One thing is sure though, technology is rapidly changing and the SHCC will be a great place to learn about these changes.  Thirty years ago who would have thought that one would create this web page with a machine that has as much memory as the as the top of the line machine had for a hard disk that would fit anything one could ever want to fit.  Does this mean that 10 years from now we will be creating a "mind page" on a machine that has Terrabytes of RAM and a storage media not even designed yet.  Transferred over this "mind web" at instantaneous speeds.

    Hopefully we can be here to see what the future holds for the SHCC! Stop by and help create this future with us.

    Club members should contact the webmaster with comments and suggestions about this web site.