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Date Presentation Presenter
1989-01 Grid Laptops and Trackballs Ralph Osinski
1989-02 Basic Hardware - CPUs, Disk Drives, and Memory Fred Plamondon
1989-04 DOS - COPY/XCOPY/EDLIN And The Function Keys Don VanSyckel
1989-05 Modems and Bulletin Board Operations Steven Sekol
1989-06 Some People Played Games, Some Just Talked unknown
1989-09 Hard Disk Organization and Backup / Menuing Systems Don VanSyckel and Steven Sekol
1989-11 'C' Programming with Examples / Basic Programming Jean Spodeck and Ed Trombley
1990-01 Resource People Introduction & Discussion Don VanSyckel
1990-02 BBS Demonstration Jason Lambiris
1990-03 MS 'C' vs Borland Pascal 5.0 Comparison Al Widiger
1990-05 Telecommunications, Modems, and Protocols Don VanSyckel and Steven Sekol
1990-10 PC FILE 5.0 Demonstration - Member Databases Rick Schummer
1990-12 PKZip/PKUzip Compression Utility / The New Printshop Al Widiger and Tom Grish
1991-02 Hard drive operation, use, organization, and formatting Tony Adams
1991-04 Assembling a PC AT from Pieces Jerry Carson
1991-05 Disassembly of a 40 Mb hard drive Don VanSyckel
1991-10 Quicken 4 Tom Grish
1991-11 Questions & Answers Don VanSyckel
1991-12 Digital Research DRDOS 6.0 Don VanSyckel
1992-02 Turbo Tax by ChipSoft Rick Schummer
1992-04 3-D Computerized Medical Diagnostics Dr. Martin Brown
1992-06 Memory Management or Memory - What is it and Why Don't You Have Enough? Jerry Carson
1992-10 AutoMap Tom Grish
1992-12 CompuServe Rick Schummer and Don VanSyckel
1993-02 Home Automation Don VanSyckel
1993-03 Family Tree Maker Rick Schummer
1993-04 DesqView 386 Don VanSyckel
1993-06 Optimizing Memory Usage Jerry Carson
1993-10 It's Legal Tom Grish
1993-11 CD-ROM Uses with Computers Rick Schummer
1994-02 Instant Artist Sara Scholl
1994-04 Antique Computers, Operating Systems, and Their History Bruce Honeck
1994-06 Inter-PC Communications Jerry Carson, Rick Schummer, and Don VanSyckel
1994-10 Useful Shareware Programs Jerry Carson and Rick Schummer
1994-12 Tour of the Internet Craig Hibbard
1995-02 Parson's Technology Tax Package Don VanSyckel
1995-06 Swap Shop Rick Schummer
1995-11 Assembling a PC 486SX from Pieces Jerry Carson
1995-12 Microsoft Publisher Rick Kucejko
1996-01 Database Uses Rick Schummer
1996-02 Microsoft PowerPoint Rick Schummer
1996-04 The ABC's of Computers Jerry Carson
1996-06 Paradox 7.0 for Windows 95 Gail Minnick
1996-10 Time and Chaos (PIM) Mike Greenen
1997-05 Peachtree's Electronic Commerce Jennifer O'Brien
1997-11 Peer-to-peer Networking Rick Schummer and Don VanSyckel
1997-12 Questions and Answers Rick Schummer
1998-01 Family Tree Maker Rick Schummer
1998-03 Slick Windows 95 Tricks Rick Schummer
1998-10 Assembling a Pentium PC from Pieces Jerry Carson
1998-11 Digital Cameras and PCs Marv Linke
1999-01 How-To Clinic on Basic Database Usage Rick Schummer
1999-03 WIN95 Control Panel Secrets Exposed Mike Greenen
1999-04 Home Automation Don VanSyckel
1999-09 Mijenix's Power Desk Utilities Rick Schummer
1999-10 Questions & Answers Don VanSyckel
1999-11 Create Greeting Cards using Greetings Workshop Rick Kucejko
2000-01 Home Finances Dick Morawski
2000-03 Landscaping Don VanSyckel
2000-05 File Compression and Data Backups Rick Schummer
2000-06 Home Networking Don VanSyckel
2000-11 Questions & Answers Don VanSyckel
2001-05 How to Build a Personal Web Site Rick Schummer
2001-09 Interesting Web Sites Don VanSyckel
2001-11 Windows XP, Here and Now Don VanSyckel
2001-12 Copernic - Web Searching Tool Rick Schummer
2002-01 Hand Held Computers Rick Schummer
2002-02 Questions & Answers Don VanSyckel
2002-03 Questions & Answers Don VanSyckel
2002-05 Scanning and Editing Pictures Jack Vander-Schrier
2002-09 Questions & Answers Don VanSyckel
2002-10 How to Build a Web Page Don VanSyckel
2002-12 What's Hot for the Web Holidays Don VanSyckel
2003-01 CD Rom Burners & Power Toys Rick Schummer
2003-02 Questions & Answers Don VanSyckel
2003-03 Scanners Don VanSyckel
2003-05 Powerquest's Partition Magic and Drive Image Rick Schummer
2003-06 50 Biggest Computer Mistakes and How to Avoid Them - Kim Kommando Don VanSyckel
2003-10 Building a PC from the Beginning Ralph Osinski
2003-11 HTML Programming - Menus Don VanSyckel
2004-01 How To Protect Your Computer When Connected To The Internet Rick Schummer
2004-02 Questions & Answers Don VanSyckel
2004-04 Questions & Answers Don VanSyckel
2004-05 Questions & Answers Don VanSyckel
2004-10 Questions & Answers Don VanSyckel
2005-05 Home Networking - Routers, Wireless, and Such Don VanSyckel
2005-09 How to Find Whatever You Want on the Internet Jack Vander-Schrier
2005-10 Picks & Clicks - PDAs and Digital Cameras Jan Gaulin
2005-11 Home Networking, Wireless Access Points, and All That Stuff Don VanSyckel
2006-01 The Blogging Craze Rick Schummer
2006-02 Converting Records and Tapes to CD's through the use of INport by xitel Dennis Palazzolo
2006-03 How to make money on the internet Jack Vander-Schrier
2006-04 SHCC WYSIWYG Web Watch (WWW) Pages Pat Little and Paul Baecker
2006-05 Home networking, wireless access points, and all that stuff, part 2 Jack Vander-Schrier
2007-01 Screen Shots and More with SnagIt by TechSmith Rick Schummer
2007-02 Your Photos on the Web with Picasa 'Web Albums' Jerry Hess
2007-04 Email - Webmail, Making it More Manageable Don VanSyckel
2007-12 Email - Clients on the PC, Making it More Manageable Jack Vander-Schrier
2008-05 Helpful Windows Utilities Rick Schummer
2008-06 Questions & Answers Ron Frederick
2009-02 Backups, Hard Drive Imaging and Storing of Backups Rick Schummer
2009-03 So you got a digital camera for Christmas...... what are you doing with it? Jack Vander-Schrier
2009-10 How to maintain your computer Jack Vander-Schrier
2010-01 Hot web sites in the WYSIWYG Web Watch Column Don VanSyckel and Paul Baecker
2010-10 Utilities for Windows Jack Vander-Schrier
2010-12 Being Social with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn Rick Schummer
2011-01 Introduction to the WII, What It Is and What It Isn't Jan Gaulin
2011-05 Being Social with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, part 2 Rick Schummer
2012-02 Web Browser Comparison, Features and Customization Jack Vander-Schrier
2012-03 Routers, Configuration and Features Don VanSyckel
2012-04 SHCC WYSIWYG Web Watch (WWW) Pages Paul Baecker
2013-01 Home Networking, Why a Router and Tricks To Do With It Don VanSyckel
2013-02 Rick's Favorite Cloud Services and Other Apps for Consumers Rick Schummer
2013-04 Gestalt Computing - Getting the Big Picture Warner Mach
2013-06 What's Inside the Box: a Guided Tour Inside a PC Ralph Osinski
2013-10 Windows 8 Usability - Leveraged For The Non-Touch Desktop PC Jack Vander-Schrier
2014-03 SHCC WYSIWYG Web Watch (WWW) Column Highlights Paul Baecker
2014-04 New Life for an Old XP Computer - Convert it to Linux Paul Baecker and Mike Bader
2014-05 Laptop Hardware & OS Headaches - Diagnosis, Prevention, and Repairs Paul Cozort
2014-06 Questions & Answers Don VanSyckel
2014-09 SHCC WYSIWYG Web Watch Live Paul Baecker
2014-12 SHCC WYSIWYG Web Watch Review Paul Baecker
2015-02 Mobile Computing, What Do You Use and How Do You Like It? Don VanSyckel
2015-03 Potpourri of Favorites; Links, Sites, and Utilities Mike Bader
2015-06 Questions & Answers Don VanSyckel
2015-09 Switching from Windows to Linux Paul Baecker
2015-10 News, technical sources, social networks, blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts, etc. Mike Bader
2015-12 Windows 10 Privacy and Security Options Mike Bader
2016-01 Switching from Windows to Linux 2, the Rest of the Story Paul Baecker
2016-02 The Latest in Video Surveillance Jack Vander-Schrier
2016-04 Setting Up A Home Network Mike Bader
2016-05 Protect Yourself & Your Devices from Digital Threats Paul Baecker
2016-06 Be Safe With A Full System Backup Paul Baecker
2016-09 Web searching with DuckDuckGo Mike Bader
2017-01 Inventory from Scratch in a Spreadsheet Paul Baecker
2017-02 CD/DVD/USB, Dual Boot, Virtual Box And More Mike Bader
2017-03 Using Technology for Good and Evil Mike Bader
2017-05 Genealogy: and Family Tree Maker Jack Vander-Schrier
2017-09 Pi-Hole: A Black Hole for Internet Advertisements Mike Bader
2017-10 WYSIWYG Web Page Review Paul Baecker
2018-02 Backups the Easy (and Cheap) Way Don VanSyckel
2018-03 Canned Backup Programs Paul Baecker
2018-04 Open Office and Libre Office Don VanSyckel
2018-05 Interesting Web Sites, Pinterest, and Others Jack Vander-Schrier
2018-09 Amazon's Web Site From A Seller's Point Of View Paul Baecker
2019-01 Amazon's Web Site From A Seller's Point Of View - part 2 Paul Baecker
2019-02 Potpourri of News, Current Events, Software, and Websites Mike Bader
2019-03 Potpourri of News, Current Events, Software, and Websites - part 2 Mike Bader
2019-05 Excel: Skills, Tips, and Tricks Kat Benny
2019-06 SHCC Member Website and Member Questions Don VanSyckel
2019-12 How to Create a Dual Boot for Windows 7 and Linux Paul Cozort
2020-02 Second Copy, A Backup Program a Novice Can Understand Martee Held
2021-09 Home Networking Phones Thermostats Don VanSyckel
2021-10 PC Tools for Windows Paul Baecker

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