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This article appeared in the November 1998 WYSIWYG newsletter.

Internet Explorer Tricks

by Rick Schummer

Netscape trick...or is it obvious?  If you RIGHT-CLICK the BACK button, you will see a menu of the last sites you've visited, so you can click right there, instead of clicking BACK 20 times.  Microsoft Explorer 4 has a little arrow for this feature which makes it a bit more obvious.

Clearing History in Microsoft Explorer In the last THE-DAILY-INFO, there was a little story detailing how you can get rid of the URL's in the location bar of your web-browser by removing information in the Registry Editor, which can be risky for somebody who doesn't know EXACTLY what they are doing.  I received a message saying that in Microsoft Explorer, there's a much easier way:

*Click VIEW on the browser menu bar.
*Click the CLEAR HISTORY button

Netscape appears to have an almost identical system, under the EDIT/PREFERENCES section, but it doesn't clear the location bar entries.

AOL Instant Messenger I am happy to report that the nice folks at America Online actually *GIVE AWAY* their Instant Messenger (IM) program ... that's "give away" as in FREE!  In fact, IM is now bundled with Netscape Communicator, and you don't even have to be an AOL subscriber to use it.

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