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February 2023 Don VanSyckel DTE Electric Rates
January 2023 Don VanSyckel Light Bulb Camera
December 2022 Don VanSyckel Google My Maps
November 2022 Don VanSyckel USB External Hard Drive Cases
April 2022 Don VanSyckel Software Features Organization
March 2022 Don VanSyckel Wyze Cameras
September 2021 Don VanSyckel Email on Your ISP
April 2021 Don VanSyckel Protect Your Passwords and User Names
March 2021 Don VanSyckel Email Services
February 2021 Don VanSyckel Data Privacy
December 2020 Don VanSyckel Monitor Sizes, What They Mean
November 2020 Don VanSyckel In the Age of AI
October 2020 Don VanSyckel Cutting the Cord part 5
May 2020 Don VanSyckel Cutting the Cord part 4
February 2020 Don VanSyckel Cutting the Cord part 3
January 2020 Don VanSyckel VOIP Phones part 4
December 2019 Don VanSyckel VOIP Phones part 3
November 2019 Don VanSyckel VOIP Phones part 2
October 2019 Don VanSyckel Privacy
September 2019 Don VanSyckel VOIP Phones part 1
December 2018 Don VanSyckel Cutting the Cord part 2
November 2018 Don VanSyckel Cutting the Cord part 1
May 2018 Don VanSyckel Government Surveillance
April 2018 Don VanSyckel HTTP versus HTTPS
March 2018 Don VanSyckel Easy Data Backup
February 2018 Don VanSyckel Home Security
January 2018 Don VanSyckel Home Security and Thermostats
December 2017 Don VanSyckel What 'Small Electronics' Can Do For You
October 2017 Don VanSyckel Encrypt an Data You Travel With
June 2017 Don VanSyckel TV Craziness HD, UHD, and HDR
May 2017 Don VanSyckel Roku an Alternative Video Source
February 2017 Don VanSyckel Firefox and NoScript
December 2016 Don VanSyckel Microsoft Office 2016 is the Future Cloudy?
October 2016 Don VanSyckel Cable or Internet TV?
September 2016 Don VanSyckel Phishing, Be On the Alert
February 2016 Don VanSyckel Windows 10, Stay With Windows 7
January 2016 Don VanSyckel Windows 10, Upgrade or Not
December 2015 Don VanSyckel Internet Scams, I Have Money For You If
November 2015 Don VanSyckel Phishing, Trojans, Spy-ware, and Ransom-ware
October 2015 Don VanSyckel Is There Any Privacy Anymore?
September 2015 Don VanSyckel Windows 10 - Rumors
June 2015 Don VanSyckel Loading Linux
May 2015 Don VanSyckel PC TV Tuners
March 2015 Don VanSyckel Laptops, Tablets, Cell Phones, What's Right For You? (cont)
February 2015 Don VanSyckel Laptops, Tablets, Cell Phones, What's Right For You?
January 2015 Don VanSyckel "Shipping and Handling" Rip Off
December 2014 Don VanSyckel Cherish Your Privacy or Don't Give Up the REAL Friends
November 2014 Don VanSyckel The NSA and USB 3.0
October 2014 Don VanSyckel Migrating to USB 3.0
September 2014 Don VanSyckel PC Security and KVM Switches
June 2014 Don VanSyckel Do You Defrag?
April 2014 Don VanSyckel The End of Win XP and Leap Years
March 2014 Paul Baecker WWW page review
February 2014 Reserve Deputy
Jaime Martinez
Internet Security
January 2014 Don VanSyckel Target Gets Hacked and Smart Credit Cards
December 2013 Don VanSyckel Win 8.1, Upgrading, and Seattle's' Wireless Web
November 2013 Don VanSyckel Win 8, Encryption, and USB
October 2013 Don VanSyckel Looking for USB 3.0 and Trying Windows 8
September 2013 Don VanSyckel Move On To USB 3.0 Now and USB 3.1 Soon
June 2013 Don VanSyckel Home WiFi Setup
May 2013 Don VanSyckel Getting a New Laptop Ready
March 2013 Don VanSyckel Clean Your PC and Traveling Data
December 2012 Don VanSyckel What Made the PC
October 2012 Don VanSyckel Routers, Thermostats, and other Trivia
September 2012 Don VanSyckel Software Updates
June 2012 Don VanSyckel USB 3.0
May 2012 Don VanSyckel Disk Space
April 2012 Don VanSyckel Upgrading Disk Drives
March 2012 Don VanSyckel Network Problems 2
February 2012 Don VanSyckel Network Problems 1
January 2012 Don VanSyckel Multi-core Processors
December 2011 Don VanSyckel Government Control of the Internet
November 2011 Don VanSyckel Windows and Linux
June 2011 Don VanSyckel Laptop Batteries
May 2011 Don VanSyckel Hard Drive Explosion
April 2011 Don VanSyckel Data Encryption
March 2011 Don VanSyckel Technology Marches On: Phones and Texting
February 2011 Don VanSyckel Linux on Your Old PC
December 2010 Don VanSyckel Phones and Software, More Features is Not Always Better
November 2010 Don VanSyckel The Microcomputer Technology Spiral
October 2010 Don VanSyckel Passwords; the Good, the Bad, and the Guessable
May 2010 Don VanSyckel Big Brother's Tayloring Your Internet Search Results
April 2010 Don VanSyckel Another Pitch to Use Databases for Lists
February 2010 Don VanSyckel USB 3.0, What Does It Mean to You?
December 2009 Don VanSyckel Consider a Database for That Next List
November 2009 Don VanSyckel Lost Laptop and Encrypting Data
October 2009 Don VanSyckel Windows 7 and Other Upgrades
September 2009 Don VanSyckel Think Before You Upgrade Your Software
January 2009 Don VanSyckel What's a NAS (Network Attached Storage)?
December 2008 Don VanSyckel Early Printers and Postscript
November 2008 Don VanSyckel PCs are Everywhere
October 2008 Don VanSyckel Kim Komando Show and Smart Computing Magazine
May 2008 Don VanSyckel Backup, Backup, Backup!!
April 2008 Don VanSyckel Magazines as PDFs and Smart Computing
March 2008 Don VanSyckel What Those Disk Drive and Thumb Drive Numbers Mean
January 2008 Don VanSyckel WinXP Again
November 2007 Don VanSyckel Doc's, Spreadsheets, and Databases
October 2007 Don VanSyckel Don's Computer Must's
September 2007 Don VanSyckel Adventures with a New Laptop
June 2007 Don VanSyckel External USB Drives are Getting Cheap(er)
May 2007 Don VanSyckel Features I Want in my Next Computer
April 2007 Don VanSyckel On the Go Wireless Access, Free to Very Pricey
March 2007 Don VanSyckel Hot Computer Topics
November 2006 Don VanSyckel Phishing Season is Open and You're the Catch
October 2006 Don VanSyckel Prices Go Down and Features Go Up
June 2006 Don VanSyckel PC Prices Continue to Fall
May 2006 Don VanSyckel Software, What's All the Fuss About?
April 2006 Don VanSyckel Don't Get Caught by Phishing
March 2006 Don VanSyckel Taxes 2005
February 2006 Don VanSyckel Backups! Backups! Backups!
January 2006 Don VanSyckel Phone Service Advice 2006
December 2005 Don VanSyckel Digital Camera Advice 2005
October 2005 Don VanSyckel OpenOffice.Org
March 2005 Don VanSyckel Digital Revolution and Accountability
February 2005 Don VanSyckel Neglected Tools: Backups and Databases
January 2005 Don VanSyckel Electronic Bill Paying
September 2004 Rick Schummer Software / Technology Review II
January 2004 Rick Schummer PowerDesk Users Rejoice, Explorer Plus Is Here!
December 2003 Don VanSyckel D-Link Home Drive
October 2003 Jerry Carson Computer Worms and Viruses
May 2003 Don VanSyckel Uninterruptible Power Supply
March 2003 Jerry Carson Reinstalling an LS-120 Optical Floppy Drive
February 2003 Rick Schummer New Purchase Experience
January 2003 Jerry Carson Computer Operating System
November 2002 Jerry Carson Laptop Computer Display Screen
September 2002 Rick Schummer Going Wireless
June 2002 Jerry Carson BIOS
May 2002 Don VanSyckel Questions To Ask A Prospective ISP
April 2002 Jerry Carson Computer Programs
March 2002 Don VanSyckel Buying and Starting to Use a Scanner
January 2002 Jerry Carson Music CD's from Records and Cassettes
December 2001 Don VanSyckel What's Hot For Christmas
November 2001 Jerry Carson Cable Modem Firewall and Virus Protection
October 2001 Rick Schummer Review of Office XP
September 2001 Ralph Osinski Movies from the Weird Wide Web
June 2001 Rick Schummer Software / Technology Review
May 2001 Jerry Carson Laptop Screen Damage Repair
April 2001 Jack Vander-Schrier Windows Changes to Reduce Computer Difficulties
March 2001 Don VanSyckel TVs and Video Monitors
February 2001 Don VanSyckel Review of Adobe Acrobat 4.0
January 2001 Rick Schummer Creating Your Own Web Domain
December 2000 Jerry Carson Operating Systems
November 2000 Jack Vander-Schrier Old Songs on a New CD
October 2000 Jack Vander-Schrier TweakUI
September 2000 Rick Schummer Viruses and the PC Mike Debacle
June 2000 Rick Schummer Home Computer Firewalls
May 2000 Jerry Carson Domain Names
April 2000 Jerry Carson Cable Modem Security
March 2000 Jerry Carson Internet Security
February 2000 Jack Vander-Schrier Outlook Express 5.0
January 2000 Jack Vander-Schrier Free Internet Accounts
December 1999 Jerry Carson Home Network for a Common Internet Connection
November 1999 Jerry Carson Windows Start-Up Disk
October 1999 Dick Morawski Never Be Busy
June 1999 Don VanSyckel Year 2000 Fix Come in Unexpected Forms
April 1999 Rick Schummer Opinions on the Y2k Problem
March 1999 Mike Greenen Modem and Phone Line Problems
January 1999 Rick Schummer Review of WebExpress
December 1998 Jerry Carson Y2K - Ask the Expert
November 1998 Rick Schummer Internet Explorer Tricks
October 1998 Ralph Osinski System Commander 3.0
September 1998 Rick Schummer Windows 98 Experience
May 1998 Rick Schummer Windows 98

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