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This article (question) was written (answered) by Jerry Carson, in the "Ask the Expert" column.  This article appeared in the November 1999 WYSIWYG newsletter.

Windows Start-Up Disk

by Jerry Carson

Question: When starting up Windows 95 or Windows 98 for the first time, you are prompted to make a start-up disk which is supposed to be used only for that computer if you have trouble booting up at a later date.  Would it be necessary to update that start-up- disk at a later date since you add and delete programs and other files?

Newer Computer User,

Answer: Great question.  Generally you do not have to update the start-up disk for each program you install.  If you install any device drivers or system upgrades, then you should make a new start-up disk.

General rule of thumb:
Make a new start-up disk whenever you:
1)add hardware;
2)install a service pack; or
3)every 6 months (just in case you changed something and forgot).

I would also recommend that you do not write over the old start-up disk.  Instead mark it as "old" and hang on to it.  You never know, your new start-up disk might have problem and you'll need a backup.

As long as we're on the topic, one thing that should be backed-up frequently is the system registry.  This is NOT backed up as part of the MS backup program.  There are several programs available that WILL back this up and most third party back-up program include this.  Make sure yours does.

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