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Much of the content was discussed at an earlier Internet/Communications SIG.  This article appeared in the January 2000 WYSIWYG newsletter.

Free Internet Accounts

by Jack Vander-Schrier

At our last meeting of the Net-Com SIG, we had a very good turnout. One of the reasons was the fact that we were reviewing free internet accounts as well as free e-mail accounts. I thought that my first article for the WYSIWYG should be on this subject. This should be of interest to any of the AOL or Juno users. You will be able to retain your AOL and Juno accounts and yet take advantage of some of the great things you can do with Outlook Express. Many of the features can be used in Netscape Mail, but for the purpose of trying to keep things simple and to convert some of our members, we will be dealing with Outlook Express.

First of all we must set up a free internet access account. I will suggest several, you can try one or all of them.,, is the latest free internet service from Kmart that you might enjoy. You can also get free service at, if you want filtered internet access blocking pornography,, and All of these sites require you to download their software, which ranges in size from 600K to 4Meg. I would suggest you use Netzero, the reason is that they give you a pop3 email account instead of a web based email system. You would be able to access this email account from any pc in the world.

Once you have downloaded your Netzero account you must set up your account, I would suggest you create a username and a password that you normally wouldn't use. The setup requires that you fill in a lot of information. I would use phony information on everything but your area code and first 3 digits of your phone number. Remember all these services are in existence because they want to sell you things. You will be asked for a phone number you want to dial, I would use the Mt. Clemens number or those of you that are close or in Warren, one of the Warren numbers. Once you have that number, write the number down, then pick up your phone and dial that number without the area code. If you get a modem noise, a high pitched squeal then you know that it is a local number. If you get the operator or a message that says please dial the area code, it will be a long distance number. Do not put in an area code when dialing any of these numbers, the last thing you want to have is a $300.00 phone bill.

Once the Netzero account is set up you have to set up your email server. This is done by clicking on start, then on programs then on Outlook Express.

From the Tools menu, select Accounts.
Select the Mail tab and click on
Click on Properties and select Advanced.
Under the Deliver section, ensure that the Leave a copy of messages on server box is unchecked.
Click OK to save.

From the Tools menu, select Accounts.

Click on the Add button and select Mail.

Type in your name and click on Next Button

Check the circle next to I already have an e-mail address that I'd like to use.

Type your e-mail address. For example:

Click on the Next button

Select POP3.

In the Incoming mail server box, type

In the Outgoing mail server box, type

In the Account name box, type your Member ID. Note: your member id must all be lower case.

In the Password box, type your password.

Note: your password is case-sensitive. If you want to have your password saved, so that you don't have to type it when checking email, place a check in the Remember password box.

Click on the Next button.

Click on the Finish button to save your settings.

Now your e-mail is set up. The next thing you do is click on your Netzero icon on your screen and start up your internet connection. Once your Netzero connection is completed and you are online click on Outlook Express to start up your mail. Click on New mail at the top of the screen and send yourself an email like, then click on the send and receive button. After the mail has been sent, click on the send/receive button again to make sure you got your mail. Once you have tested your mail system you are ready to go to the last step.

This is only for AOL users:
Log onto AOL and go to account preferences, you click on change type of account, you want to change your account to the $9.95 a month option called Bring your own access. Once you have followed the instructions they give you, you have saved yourself $10.00 per month on AOL. Then hang up from AOL and start up your Netzero account. Once you are connected, double click your AOL button and you will see the place that shows your connection, which is your local phone number, click on the arrow next to it and change it to the tcp/ip connection. Once that is changed click on connect and you are connected to AOL. When you hang up from AOL remember you are still on Netzero. Close your Netzero window to hang up your connection and you will be back at your desktop.

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