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This article appeared in the May 2001 WYSIWYG newsletter.

Laptop Screen Damage Repair

by Jerry Carson

Q: Dear Ask The Expert,

Our laptop screen got cracked in the lower left corner.  We sent it back to the manufacturer.  They said it would cost $2,000 to fix which isn't cost effective.

Do we have any other options?


Cracking up

A: Dear Cracking up,

First, you could try to replace the LCD, but, I don't think replacement is a good option.  Each LCD is a little different so you'd have to replace it with another from the exact same model laptop.  If you had another, then you wouldn't need to replace the first.

You can continue to use the LCD, but remember the L stands for Liquid.  Eventually, the display may go bad due to evaporation.  Sealing with tape will delay, but probably not prevent this.

You should be able to attach another monitor.  There is probably a 15 pin connector in the back and should work with a standard VGA monitor.  You'll have to tell the laptop to send the output the monitor (usually a key sequence or BIOS setting) and it pretty much rules out using it as a laptop.

This will probably allow you to get by for a while, but you should consider replacing the unit.

The Expert,

PS Cracked up wrote back to say she had sealed the crack with a thick layer of nail polish and it seemed to be holding up well.  I never would have thought of that!

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