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This article was written by Don VanSyckel, the club president, as a part of "The President's Pen".  This article appeared in the October 2008 WYSIWYG newsletter.

Kim Komando Show and Smart Computing Magazine

by Don VanSyckel

I'd like to review a couple of resources that are available to help you in your computer journey. One is The Kim Komando Show and the second is Smart Computing Magazine.

First, the Kim Komando Show is an excellent source of weekly up to the minute information about computers and software. Throw in a mix of useful tips and you have it. The show each week has more of what I'd call a theme versus a topic. Kim also takes calls from the audience. You can call during the live broadcast Saturday mornings 7 AM - 10 AM Pacific, (10 AM - 1 PM Eastern) toll free at 1-888-825-5254. Although the show is not aired in our area during this time. A recorded version is broadcast from Windsor: CKLW 800 AM, on Saturdays starting at 2 PM. People will get varying amounts of information from each show depending on their level of expertise and the theme of that week's show.

Kim has been doing this for years; I'm not sure how many. In addition to show is the web site at . There's more information here for you to browse through including downloads for audio, music, email, games, office tools, pictures, security, techie tools, video, web browsers, and web tools. In another area there's cool sites listed for you to visit. There's a little something for everyone.

The second item I'd like to discuss is Smart Computing Magazine. Smart Computing has found a niche in the computer information publishing world. Smart Computing has articles and information that is useful to the advanced computer user and yet is readable by those newer to the topics. While no one can write technical information that is understood by absolutely everyone, Smart Computing goes a ways towards this. There are several sections of interest besides the main articles each month. Tech news and notes, reviews, Windows central, computers & electronics, plugged in, tidbits, tech support, and quick studies. As with Kim, a little something for everyone.

Smart Computing also has a web site with additional information. Although most of the web site focuses on the magazine. A Smart Computing subscription gives you access to the other portions of the web site including PDF versions of "Smart Computing" and three additional current magazines "Computer Power User", "PC Today", and "First Glimpse". In addition to the regular subscription an electronic only subscription is available which is the same access on line as the regular subscription but with no printed magazine. I fine the electronic only to be enough and possible better since I can download and save the PDFs and I'm not tempted to save the paper magazines.

Also Smart Computing gives back to computer clubs that support it. Smart Computing gives the club gift subscriptions based on subscriptions and renewals purchased. If you decide to subscribe to or renew Smart Computing or their other magazines follow these instructions:

1)Do not use the subscribe or renew links on the home page.
2)Select "User Groups" on the left from the list in the dark blue section. This will open the "User Group Program" page.
3)Select "Subscribe or Renew Today!" on the left from the list in the yellow section. This will open the order page.
4)Select Sterling Heights Computer Club for User Group

The above process is the only way SHCC will get credit for your purchase.

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