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This article was written by Don VanSyckel, the club president, as a part of "The President's Pen".  This article appeared in the June 2015 WYSIWYG newsletter.

Loading Linux

by Don VanSyckel

There has been interest in Linux. More specifically, how do I install Linux on my old PC to give Linux a test drive? The good news is there are quite a few Linux distributions (distro's) out there for you to choose from and most are free. The bad news is there are quite a few distro's out there and it can be confusing which one to choose. The basic operations to load Linux are:

1)Choose a distro
2)Download it to you PC
3)Burn it to CD or DVD as appropriate
4)Fire up the old PC with the Linux distro disk in the drive
5)Answer the questions
6)Enjoy your new Linux system

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well like many other things, the devil's in the details, starting with which distro and then there's all those questions that might as well be in Greek for all the words mean to you. The SHCC officers have been discussing this and if there's enough interest from the club members we will hold a Linux Install Fest, probably in June, probably in someone's garage, probably from 10 to 2, and probably with hot dogs, chips, and pop. This would entail you bringing your old PC (well actually, you could bring your new PC if you wanted) to the install fest and working with one of our Linux experts who will be there. The distro's that we will have will already be burned to CD and will be free to use. Probably is this event will be free and open to all club members and their guests that they bring with them. No limit on the number of guests as long as you're there with them. Systems will be installed in a first come first installed basis. Hot dogs are also on an first come first served basis so when the actual details are announced be sure to RSVP numbers of people if you're coming so we can plan and not run out.

Of course, if you don't want to have Linux installed on a PC you can still come and hang out, just RSVP. I think there will be a super "how do you do this?" and "what will happen if I do that?" session going on. We'll discuss this briefly at the June meeting to determine if there is enough interest. Being in the garage, it'll be rain or shine but sunny would be nice so we can spill to the outside. Please send comments to an officer if you have something to add to the discussion and won't be at the June meeting.

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