SHCC Presentation History
for 1995

Date Presentation Presenter Organization
1995-01 Windows 95 unknown Microsoft Corporation
1995-02 Parson's Technology Tax Package Don VanSyckel SHCC
1995-03 Win Fax 4.0 unknown Delrina
1995-04 unknown Mark Tallman Symantec Corporation
1995-05 Print Shop Deluxe CD Ensemble Bob Curtis Broderbund
1995-06 Swap Shop Rick Schummer SHCC
1995-09 OS/2 Wrap Connect Steve Woodbury IBM
1995-10 Norton Navigator and Norton Utilities Jane Shaffer Symantec Corporation
1995-11 Assembling a PC 486SX from Pieces Jerry Carson SHCC
1995-12 Microsoft Publisher Rick Kucejko SHCC

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