SHCC Presentation History
for 2011

Date Presentation Presenter Organization
2011-01 Introduction to the WII, What It Is and What It Isn't Jan Gaulin SHCC
2011-02 Snow storm, MCC cancelled all activities string not defined  
2011-03 Google: Internet Giant Kathryn Ribant Payne Sterling Heights Public Library
2011-04 The Free(dom) Alternative: Why even hard-core Windows users should learn about (and learn to love) Linux Michael Rudas  
2011-05 Being Social with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, part 2 Rick Schummer SHCC
2011-06 Internet Safety: The New Threat Landscape and What YOU Should Know Reserve Deputy Douglas Rivers Macomb County Sheriff's Office
2011-09 Data Management in the Terabyte Age: File management, partitions, and backups for modern PCs Michael Rudas  
2011-10 Keys to a Successful Online Business Brian Renner The Movie Insider LLC
2011-11 What's Hot for the Holidays Richard Tapaninen Micro Center
2011-12 Windows 8 - A First Look Michael Bader LAN Solutions

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