SHCC Presentation History
for 2017

Date Presentation Presenter Organization
2017-01 Inventory from Scratch in a Spreadsheet Paul Baecker SHCC
2017-02 CD/DVD/USB, Dual Boot, Virtual Box And More Mike Bader SHCC
2017-03 Using Technology for Good and Evil Mike Bader SHCC
2017-04 Identity Theft Reserve Deputy Keith Thome Macomb County Sheriff's Office
2017-05 Genealogy: and Family Tree Maker Jack Vander-Schrier SHCC
2017-06 HDTV, Current Technologies And Features Stanley Luke Best Buy Madison Heights
2017-09 Pi-Hole: A Black Hole for Internet Advertisements Mike Bader SHCC
2017-10 WYSIWYG Web Page Review Paul Baecker SHCC
2017-11 What's Hot for the Holidays Richard Tapaninen Micro Center
2017-12 Teach Yourself To Fly A Drone - Step By Step Robert Meier  

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