Web Page Reviews - 2018 - April

You can use MS Excel (or any spreadsheet program) to enter all sorts of data and perform financial, mathematical or statistical calculations --- even to create a home inventory or track a music collection. Here is an easy Excel tutorial source. (2018-04)
Easy Excel  (keywords: Office suites, ExcelOffice suites, training)
Is Reel-to-Reel the new Vinyl? For pure audiophiles, a history of open reel tape machines. (2018-04)
Reel-to-Reel history  (keywords: Audio, history)
Print pages (to paper or to various file formats) off the web without all the ads. (For Firefox, Chrome, and Safari web browsers.) (2018-04)
New documents show that some employees of Best Buy's Geek Squad repair staff were paid by the FBI to find and report illegal content. Who do you trust your PC to for servicing? (2018-04)
Geek Squad vs. FBI  (keywords: Computers, servicing)
9 ways to open the Disk Management tool in Windows (all versions). (2018-04)
Disk Management in Windows  (keywords: Windows, features)
Not all VPNs are safe - How to tell if a VPN is secure. (2018-04)
Safe VPNs  (keywords: Security, VPN)
What is SSD "TRIM", why it is useful for your SSD, and how to check whether it is turned on. (2018-04)
SSD "Trim"  (keywords: Computers, hardware, SSD)
What are libraries in Windows, and how to use them for organizing your files? (2018-04)
Windows libraries  (keywords: Windows, features)
How to Use Virtual Desktop on Windows 10. (2018-04)
Virtual Desktop in Windows  (keywords: Windows, features)
When did OneDrive (MS cloud storage) last sync your files? How to force OneDrive to sync (all Windows versions). (2018-04)
Windows OneDrive  (keywords: Windows, features)
Five things that will slow your Wi-Fi network. (2018-04)
Just say NO to Facebook Messenger malware. (2018-04)
NO to Facebook Messenger  (keywords: Internet, Facebook)
Introduce yourself to new music among the 115 full episodes of the popular PBS Backstage Pass program, a collection of diverse music from Michigan and the Midwest's most talented artists. Click the small "See All" option to see all selections. (30-min. to 60-min. videos) (2018-04)
Backstage Pass episodes  (keywords: Music, online)
Great minds DON'T think alike. Got so much stuff that you're getting buried in it? Let the Clutterbug help you organize it all. (Many 5- to 10-min. videos) (2018-04)
Clutterbug  (keywords: Home, organization)
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