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How to filter Facebook memories to avoid painful reminders. (2024-04)
Filter Facebook memories  (keywords: Facebook)
Facebook is being overrun with stolen, AI-generated images that people think are real. (2024-01)
Stolen fake AI-generated images on Facebook  (keywords: Facebook)
How to download your Facebook Chat history for safekeeping. (2023-10)
Download Facebook Chat history  (keywords: Facebook)
How to deactivate your Facebook account or delete it for good. (2021-10)
Deactivate'delete Facebook account  (keywords: Facebook)
How to bulk-delete messages from Facebook Messenger. (2021-09)
Bulk-delete msgs from Facebook Messenger  (keywords: Facebook)
When combined, the "Facebook companies" know a huge amount about you. Here's the data that "WhatsApp" and "Instagram" send to Facebook. (2021-09)
What "Facebook companies" know about you  (keywords: Facebook)
"The Creepy Line" reveals the stunning degree to which society is manipulated by Google and Facebook and blows the lid off the remarkably subtle, hence powerful, manner in which they do it. (1:20 hour video) (2021-06)
The Creepy Line  (keywords: FacebookInternet, GoogleInternet, privacy)
WhatsApp now forces you to share data with Facebook. (2021-06)
WhatsApp sharing with Facebook  (keywords: FacebookInternet, messaging)
Filter out annoying Facebook posts with these News Feed Preference tools. (2021-03)
Filter out Facebook posts  (keywords: Facebook)
How to make an anonymous Facebook profile (and why you should). (2020-12)
Make an anonymous Facebook profile  (keywords: Facebook)
Facebook confesses: Buckle up, there's plenty more privacy lapses where that came from. Don't ignore these intrusions into your personal privacy and security! (2018-09)
Facebook vs. privacy  (keywords: Facebook)
Just say NO to Facebook Messenger malware. (2018-04)
NO to Facebook Messenger  (keywords: Facebook)
Facebook removes the 'delete post' option from the desktop web version. (2017-12)
Facebook's "delete post"  (keywords: Facebook)
Fixing some common Facebook issues. (2016-01)
Common Facebook issues  (keywords: Facebook)

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