SHCC Presentation History
for 1989

Date Presentation Presenter Organization
1989-01 Grid Laptops and Trackballs Ralph Osinski SHCC
1989-02 Basic Hardware - CPUs, Disk Drives, and Memory Fred Plamondon SHCC
1989-03 Ventura Publishing Desktop Publishing Software Patrick Fitzpatrick Xerox
1989-04 DOS - COPY/XCOPY/EDLIN And The Function Keys Don VanSyckel SHCC
1989-05 Modems and Bulletin Board Operations Steven Sekol SHCC
1989-06 Some People Played Games, Some Just Talked unknown SHCC
1989-09 Hard Disk Organization and Backup / Menuing Systems Don VanSyckel and Steven Sekol SHCC
1989-10 Sears/IBM's Prodigy Software unknown Prodigy
1989-11 'C' Programming with Examples / Basic Programming Jean Spodeck and Ed Trombley SHCC
1989-12 dBase IV 1.0 demonstration John Wassenburg Ashton-Tate

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