SHCC Presentation History
for 1990

Date Presentation Presenter Organization
1990-01 Resource People Introduction & Discussion Don VanSyckel SHCC
1990-02 BBS Demonstration Jason Lambiris SHCC
1990-03 MS 'C' vs Borland Pascal 5.0 Comparison Al Widiger SHCC
1990-04 Wordstar 6.0 Mark Tallman Wordstar International, Inc.
1990-05 Telecommunications, Modems, and Protocols Don VanSyckel and Steven Sekol SHCC
1990-06 DEST Scanners Mike McMann DEST
1990-09 Discussed Postscript Laser Printers, BW/Color samples Dan Nihiser and David Sachs Laser Connection Inc.
1990-10 PC FILE 5.0 Demonstration - Member Databases Rick Schummer SHCC
1990-11 Windows 3.0, excellent speaker, interesting Patti Bukowski Microsoft Corporation
1990-12 PKZip/PKUzip Compression Utility / The New Printshop Al Widiger and Tom Grish SHCC

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