SHCC Presentation History
for 1992

Date Presentation Presenter Organization
1992-01 Image Processing Brian Cartwright and Marvin Barnes Technology One Inacomp
1992-02 Turbo Tax by ChipSoft Rick Schummer SHCC
1992-03 Floptical Disks Dave Koury DJK Development
1992-04 3-D Computerized Medical Diagnostics Dr. Martin Brown SHCC
1992-05 FoxPro 2.0 F Leon Wilson Fox Software
1992-06 Memory Management or Memory - What is it and Why Don't You Have Enough? Jerry Carson SHCC
1992-09 Windows 3.1 Catherine Hill Microsoft Corporation
1992-10 AutoMap Tom Grish SHCC
1992-11 MIDI Hardware and Software Tom Sindon Rite-Way Computers
1992-12 CompuServe Rick Schummer and Don VanSyckel SHCC

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