SHCC Presentation History
for 1991

Date Presentation Presenter Organization
1991-01 LePrint - Desktop Publishing Michael Kershaw Micro-Computer Decisions
1991-02 Hard drive operation, use, organization, and formatting Tony Adams SHCC
1991-03 dBase IV and Control Room John Wassenburg Ashton-Tate
1991-04 Assembling a PC AT from Pieces Jerry Carson SHCC
1991-05 Disassembly of a 40 Mb hard drive Don VanSyckel SHCC
1991-06 WordPerfect 5.1 and WordPerfect for Windows Samuel Frieze Wordperfect Corporation
1991-09 Quattro Pro 3 and Object Vision for Windows Mitch Wentzel Borland Corporation
1991-10 Quicken 4 Tom Grish SHCC
1991-11 Questions & Answers Don VanSyckel SHCC
1991-12 Digital Research DRDOS 6.0 Don VanSyckel SHCC

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