Web Page Reviews - 2007 - January

Find local recycling centers for many household items and materials. (2007-01)
Calculate fuel usage based on your destination and vehicle make/model. (2007-01)
Collection of 150 mathematical puzzles, with hints and solutions. (2007-01)
View evolution and history of U.S. stamp design and production, as well as development of U.S. postal system with many exhibits. (2007-01)
Free still and animated logos and ring tones for cell phones. Messages also available for download (not free). (2007-01)
Ring tones  (keywords: Phones, cellular)
PassKeeper is a free Windows utility that allows you to keep a list of accounts with usernames, passwords, and notes. This list is stored encrypted. (2007-01)
What to watch on TV and at the movies and where to watch it - articles, photos, best bets, schedules, and grids. (2007-01)
What to watch  (keywords: Television, general)
Enter a word or phrase, and view cliches using it. (2007-01)
Cliches  (keywords: Language, general)
Determine your General Intelligence Quotient Score. (2007-01)
GIQ score  (keywords: Intelligence)
Play the classic Sim City game online. (Registration required.) (2007-01)
Nutrition, fitness, and health resource with articles from athletics and exercise equipment to low calorie food choices to informative info on nutrients, disease prevention, and balanced dieting; also a calorie counter tool. (2007-01)
Diet detective  (keywords: Health, nutrition)
Collections of 'broken' labels, signs, websites, places, and products. Select from 'Categories' list. (2007-01)
A behind the scenes guide to the things we buy - making environmental and social decisions. Select 'Publications', then 'Good Stuff?'. (2007-01)
Guide to snowflakes, snow crystals, and other ice phenomena. (2007-01)
Ice phenomena  (keywords: Art, natural)
Enter ingredients, dishes, chefs, cuisine, or other food related inquiry, and this service searches the web for related recipes. (2007-01)
Follow along with some steam powered vehicles on tour. (2007-01)
Collection of old package and container labels. (2007-01)
Download 'Michigan's best bread recipes' in PDF format. (2007-01)
What is your long term risk for developing a serious health problem? (2007-01)
Your disease risk  (keywords: Health, disease)
Online gallery preserves and showcases graphical user interfaces. (2007-01)
GUIs  (keywords: PCs, general)
These video bouts are only a record of a day in the life of cohabitating felines. (2007-01)
Collection of photographs and postcards featuring vintage cycles from all around the world. (2007-01)
Vintage cycle pictures  (keywords: Motorcycle)
Collection of photos containing humorous, bizarre, and or confusing signs from around the world. (2007-01)
Roadside signs  (keywords: Photography, signs)
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