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Site will show you how to do just about anything, through thousands of videos, articles and answers. Of use to geeks might be the 'Technology & Cars' section. (2011-02)
Video Jug  (keywords: Automotive, general, Do It Yourself, PCs, general)
Step by step guide to building a PC. (2008-10)
PC building  (keywords: PCs, general)
Display all 256 alternate code characters and how to use them. (2008-01)
Alt codes  (keywords: PCs, general)
These video bouts are only a record of a day in the life of cohabitating felines. (2007-01)
GUIs  (keywords: PCs, general)
Print graph paper in several formats via PDF files. (2005-05)
Print free graph paper  (keywords: Computers, general, PCs, general)

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