Web Page Reviews - 2008 - April

Create kaleidoscope shaped designs with various textures and tools. View the tutorial video. (2008-04)
My Oats  (keywords: Art, kaleidoscope)
Extreme world atlas lists. Detailed facts of locations around the globe. Searchable. (2008-04)
PBS program offers helpful woodworker tips, videos and plans for various projects, in addition to weekly newsletter. Makes it look easy. (2008-04)
Woodsmith shop  (keywords: Home, furnishingsSkills, woodworking)
In this very fast and challenging world geography game, score points for identifying world cities and famous places. (2008-04)
Huge collection of aerial photos and panoramas created using kites, as well as land based photos. Display of kiting equipment. (2008-04)
Enter text and create downloadable .mp3 file. (2008-04)
Learn how to prepare dishes from local restaurants. Select "Secret Recipe Archive". (2008-04)
Recipe secrets  (keywords: Food, recipes)
What Jack Bauer would have encountered with the state of computers in 1994. (2008-04)
Photo galleries and text describing Lake Mead water level recession and new Hoover Dam bypass roadway. (2008-04)
High speed video clips of fluids, toys, containers, balloons, food, fluids, creatures, appliances, and more. (2008-04)
Panoramic photos of global locations, with mouse control. (2008-04)
Contains 15,000 railway pictures and 110 videos from around the globe. (2008-04)
Practice swatting flies. (2008-04)
Swatting flies  (keywords: Games, online)
Modern ruins - photos of old abandoned technology. (2008-04)
Modern ruins  (keywords: Photography, ruins)
Non-profit org raises donations of money, building materials and labor and coordinates the building/adapting of homes for handicapped accessibility for Service Personnel. See local event May 10, 2008. (2008-04)
Descriptions and images of ocean liners of the 1800's and 1900's. (2008-04)
Comparing sizes of things from a picometer to thousands of light years. Use mouse wheel to navigate. (2008-04)
Many 3D stereogram images. Read 'tips for viewing' if having difficulty viewing. (2008-04)
Eye tricks  (keywords: Art, stereogram)
No more messy monitors. (2008-04)
Beat the clock to find as many of the longest words you can to score points. (2008-04)
Modern social and industrial ruins photo essays. Also, view the flash movies. (2008-04)
Download tutorial video of "How to Understand a Database Schema". (2008-04)
Four stories with pictures about the most treacherous roads in the world. (2008-04)
For Corvette fans - pictures, videos, events, technical articles, club info, and more. (2008-04)
Very useful tool to display/compare your text among up to three font designs of your choice. Select "step by step" for easy instructions. (2008-04)
HDTV: What's the difference between 480p, 720p, and 1080p? (2008-04)
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