Web Page Reviews - 2008 - May

Falling Sand game. Mix and control falling water, sand, salt, and oil. Instructions at top of screen, legend and options at bottom. (2008-05)
Falling sand  (keywords: Games, online)
Fast paced game in which you collect, touch, and dodge various circles to score points. (2008-05)
German site displays dozens of panoramic photos with mouse control. Select "Galerie". (2008-05)
Collection of comical cat videos. (2008-05)
Collection of comical dog videos. (2008-05)
Free recipes, exercises, fitness tools and calculators, articles, diet and weight loss support forums. (2008-05)
Fitness help  (keywords: Health, fitness)
A global automotive history collection. (2008-05)
Hundreds of conversions including angles, mass, clothing, speed, volume, fun stuff, and more. (2008-05)
Conversions  (keywords: Measurements)
All Euro coins from 15 Euro countries. Also, select "2 Euro commemorative coins" option. (2008-05)
Euro coins  (keywords: Hobbies, coins)
Financial food for thought. (2008-05)
Do it yourself pet vet, analyze your pet's medical condition symptoms. Select "Pet Vet". (2008-05)
Pet vet  (keywords: Animals, general)
Scenic and some tragic railway photos and videos. (2008-05)
Rail videos  (keywords: Trains, generalTransportation, railroads)
Odd, strange, interesting, and unbelievable things spilled by trucks. (2008-05)
Unique German-English, German-Spanish, and German-Portuguese translation tool. Numerous examples and synonyms and grammatical hints. (2008-05)
Translation tool  (keywords: Language, translation)
This Swedish site offers a scratch pooch. Test the effects of the keys first, then select the space bar to record your personal creation. In the final window, the top selection plays back your musical artwork; the bottom selection returns to start over again. (2008-05)
Search for user manuals to electronic viewing, listening, and connectivity devices. (2008-05)
Electronics manuals  (keywords: Electronics, manuals)
Assess the strength of your password. (2008-05)
Password meter  (keywords: Internet, security)
Virtual appliance repair man. Do it yourself! (2008-05)
Play battleship game online. (2008-05)
Enter the Museum of Television. View pioneers of TV, time line of TV history, and interactive TV gallery (you will be prompted to download and install required Viewpoint plug-in viewer), and more. (2008-05)
Sand and snow sculptures, large and small, and the creation process. (2008-05)
Sand/snow sculptures  (keywords: Art, sculpture)
Popular radio programs, commercials, and broadcasts of the 1930's, 40's, and 50's. (2008-05)
Old radio  (keywords: Entertainment, radio)
Touts itself as world's largest how to video site, with over 80,000 including credentials of the expert consulted. (2008-05)
Search for credit cards that meet your selected criteria of APR, fees, rewards, and perks. (2008-05)
Watch select international TV stations, select by language. (2008-05)
Very imaginative animation clips. (2008-05)
Animation clips  (keywords: Art, generalEntertainment, online, general)
Boot and run Linux from USB flash memory stick. Many Linux installation tutorials here. (2008-05)
Linux on a stick  (keywords: Linux, general)
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