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This game shows you a photo from history, and you have to guess when and where it was taken. (2024-03)
Guess year/location of historical photo  (keywords: Games, online)
Play "Squeezy Word Game", a game in which you insert yellow tiles to make new words. (2024-02)
Squeezy Word Game  (keywords: Games, online)
A game exploring the difficult decisions and tradeoffs when acting as a content moderator. (2024-01)
"Content moderator" game  (keywords: Games, online)
A game in which you're in charge of trust and safety at a social network, and all you have to do is keep everyone happy. How hard can that be? (2024-01)
"Trust and safety" game  (keywords: Games, online)
"20 WORDS // 20 SECONDS" is a frantic typing game made to be played in only 20 seconds. (2024-01)
"20 Words/20 Seconds" game  (keywords: Games, online)
Sumplete - Delete numbers so each row/column adds up to the target number at the right/bottom. (2023-06)
Sumplete game  (keywords: Games, online)
Solve 1, 2, 4, or 8 Wordles at once (4 through 11 letter words). (2022-06)
Multi-Wordle games  (keywords: Games, online)
How do "frame rates" affect the gaming experience? (2021-09)
Frame rates  (keywords: Games, online)
Trivia fans may find this quiz collection entertaining. (2021-02)
Trivia game  (keywords: Games, online)
Solve 7 clues, build 7 words. A new game each day. (See "How to Play".) (2021-02)
7 Little Words game  (keywords: Games, online)
Drench the board with a single color to win the game and move to progressively more challenging designs. Use the buttons to change colors. (2017-05)
Drench game  (keywords: Games, online)
More arcade games. (2016-04)
Bubblebox games  (keywords: Games, online)
Progressively challenging game of squares. (2015-09)
Game about squares  (keywords: Games, online)
Japanese game where players take turns to pick a word that starts with the last letter of the previous word. Single and multi-player modes. (2015-05)
Shiritori  (keywords: Entertainment, gamesGames, online)
Collection of free flash games to play on the web. (2015-01)
Flash games 2  (keywords: Games, online)
Over 900 legacy arcade games to play online. If a coin is needed, see the buttons in upper left corner of the web page to "insert coin" and choose a player. (2014-12)
Internet arcade  (keywords: Games, online)
Three putting games and a bicycle challenge. (2014-10)
Putting games  (keywords: Games, online)
Play over 200 free games online. (2014-10)
GreatDay games  (keywords: Games, online)
Play Sponge Bob Bowling. (2014-09)
SpongeBob bowling  (keywords: Games, online)
Large collection of online games covering puzzles, strategy, sports, action, classic, and more. (2014-05)
VivalaGames  (keywords: Games, online)
Avoid colliding with the red dots. Activate boosts by picking up the rare green dots. Move around a lot for points and stay alive. (2014-03)
Sinuous game  (keywords: Games, online)
Pick the numbers from 1 to 100 in a timed challenge. (2013-10)
Timed count  (keywords: Games, online)
Open source (free) version of the classic dice game Yahtzee. Portable version also available. (2013-04)
Open Yahtzee  (keywords: Games, online)
Scroll down to watch the rise of cloud gaming over the last half century. (2013-03)
Cloud gaming  (keywords: Games, online)
Choose from over 10,000 trivia quizzes to see how much you know about pop culture. (2013-02)
Trivia quizzes  (keywords: Games, onlineTrivia)
Zombie Trailer Park - annihilate the attacking zombies before they annihilate you. (2012-12)
Zombie Trailer Park  (keywords: Games, online)
Four minutes to name words based on their phonetic spelling plus other games. (2012-11)
Name words  (keywords: Games, online)
Crossword puzzle game that tells you which letters to use. Game gets progressively more difficult. (2012-10)
Crossword letters  (keywords: Games, crossword puzzlesGames, online)
Type the numbers 1-100 as fast as you can. Use digits, not letters, in this timed test. (2012-10)
Fast typing  (keywords: Games, online)
Cryptogram and hang man games. Click on 'ciphers' or 'men'. (2012-09)
Hang-man  (keywords: Games, online)
Use acceleration and braking in this railroad conductor simulation to get to the next stop on time and without overrunning the station. (2012-03)
Railroad simulation  (keywords: Games, onlineTransportation, railroads)
Links to language dictionary and translation sites, chat sites, foreign language newsgroup and newspaper sites, word games, poetry, slang and colloquialisms, and more. Make your selection in the "Take Me To:" box. (2011-11)
Word-2-word  (keywords: Dictionaries, generalGames, onlineLanguage, generalNewspapers, general)
Collection of online flash arcade, puzzle, action, racing, shooting, and strategy games which do not need to be downloaded to play. (2011-11)
Silver games  (keywords: Entertainment, online, gamesGames, online)
Challenge the computer in classic rock paper scissors game, where computer studies your strategy and reacts accordingly. (2011-10)
Rock-paper-scissors  (keywords: Games, online)
Dozens of Mahjongg games to play online; nothing to download (reduces chances of damage to your PC). Suggestion: 'Dark Dimensions'. (2011-09)
Mahjongg games  (keywords: Games, online)
The classic Lemmings game. Help file is available for newbies. (2011-09)
Lemmings  (keywords: Games, online)
Play free arcade, action, racing, puzzle, and card games online or download to PC. (2011-04)
Real games  (keywords: Games, online)
Fire the cannon and nail the bunnies. Piling up cannon balls sometimes helps. A walk through video is available. (2011-04)
Paper Cannon  (keywords: Games, online)
Collect all the hidden eggs to save your species while attempting to escape the pyroclastic wall of doom. (2011-03)
Dinorun  (keywords: Games, online)
Create a hip French acapella group by dragging the various sound icons from screen bottom to the characters above. (2010-12)
French acappella  (keywords: Games, onlineMusic, electronic)
How difficult can tossing crumpled up paper into a garbage can be? You'll see. (2010-12)
Crumpled paper  (keywords: Games, online)
Four thousand games to play online. Select from 'Featured', 'Popular', 'Latest' games, or from various categories. (2010-12)
4000 Arcade  (keywords: Entertainment, online, gamesGames, online)
How to (supposedly) win at Rock Paper Scissors every time. (2010-10)
Rock/paper/scissors  (keywords: Games, online)
Keep the mouse button down and control the speed, jumps, and tricks of the skier. Scroll through the "Ski Tips" for instructions. Watch the right side of the window for dangers and hints of what's coming up. (2010-10)
Solip Skier  (keywords: Games, online)
Over 16,000 theme tunes to enjoy. Select 'Game' tab and play "Name that Theme Song" - play alone or with another contestant. (2010-09)
Theme tunes game  (keywords: Games, online)
Unique series of challenges using the scroll wheel of your mouse. Watch the time. (2010-04)
Record tripping  (keywords: Entertainment, online, gamesGames, online)
Hundreds of challenging flash games. (Note: do NOT download anything that may be offered - all games are played online.) (2010-02)
Flash games  (keywords: Games, online)
How many real and animated personalities do you recognize when zooming around this artwork? (2010-02)
Picture of everything  (keywords: Art, generalEntertainment, online, generalGames, online)
How many real and animated personalities do you recognize when zooming around this artwork? (2010-01)
Picture of everything  (keywords: Art, generalEntertainment, online, generalGames, online)
Puki: The Swarm - Shoot the Pukis and the Force Fields, but shoot the health globes to maintain game life. Select "Story / Help" for more tips. (2009-06)
Puki  (keywords: Games, online)
Classic "Space Invaders" game. (2009-06)
Space invaders  (keywords: Games, online)
A game of controlling traffic at intersections. (2009-06)
Control traffic  (keywords: Games, online)
Create the perfect trap-o-matic to help Tom catch Jerry. This is tough! (2009-05)
Trap-o-matic  (keywords: Games, online)
Online game collection: adventure, strategy, puzzle, shooting, arcade, sports, and more. (2009-02)
Armor games  (keywords: Games, online)
Two hundred video arcade games. (2009-01)
200 Games  (keywords: Games, online)
Find the key and open the door to move to the next room. ANYTHING is possible to find the key and the door. (2008-11)
Key & Door maze  (keywords: Games, online)
Educational quiz and trivia games created by site members. (2008-10)
Purpose games  (keywords: Entertainment, online, gamesGames, online)
Select a picture, pick the cut and quantity of pieces, and beat the jigsaw clock. (2008-06)
Jigzone  (keywords: Games, online)
Falling Sand game. Mix and control falling water, sand, salt, and oil. Instructions at top of screen, legend and options at bottom. (2008-05)
Falling sand  (keywords: Games, online)
Practice swatting flies. (2008-04)
Swatting flies  (keywords: Games, online)
Click on the red dot and guide it through the maze, using steady mouse control. (2008-01)
Maze frenzy  (keywords: Games, online)
Samurai Sudoku - extreme Sudoku with five over lapping grids. Five difficulty levels, hints, solutions. (2007-12)
Samurai Sudoku  (keywords: Games, online)
Like the pong game, but in a 3D environment. (2007-11)
Curveball  (keywords: Games, online)
Play classic games online - Tetris, Asteroids, Frogger, and more. (2007-02)
Classic games  (keywords: Games, online)
Various text and visual quizzes for movie addicts. (2006-06)
Movie quiz  (keywords: Games, onlineMovies, general)
Free games to play online or download. (2006-06)
Online games by Free Online Games  (keywords: Games, onlinePCs, gamesSoftware, free)
Dozens of online games. Note that the game offerings change often. (2006-02)
Online games by Jay is Games  (keywords: Games, onlinePCs, entertainment)
A number placing game; unique logical solution for each one. (2005-11)
Sudoku game  (keywords: Games, onlineGames, puzzles)
Many types of card, board, word, puzzle, and arcade games to play online or download - free. (2005-09)
Games  (keywords: Games, online)
32,400 free crossword puzzles and fun tools for people who enjoy word games. Several grid sizes. (2005-09)
Crossword puzzle games  (keywords: Games, online)
Dozens of free online arcade games to play. Fast PC recommended. (2004-06)
Miniclip  (keywords: Games, onlinePCs, entertainment)

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