Web Page Reviews - 2010 - June

Putting everything in the universe in perspective. (2010-06)
View calendars, leap years, daylight savings dates, moon calendars, holidays, the world clock, and sunrise and sunset times. (2010-06)
Calendar-365  (keywords: Calendars)
Several dozen unique recipes for cupcakes, cookies, and savories. (2010-06)
Follow a group traveling in the Pacific in a boat made from plastic recycled bottles. Study its design and structure, track the voyage, and view pictures and videos. (2010-06)
Plastiki  (keywords: Travel, by sea)
Watch Boeing build an airplane in this time lapse video. (2010-06)
Building a plane  (keywords: Aircraft, general)
View diagrams, specifications, and comparisons among the world's tallest structures. Search for buildings with holes, destroyed buildings, and many more unique architectural options. (2010-06)
Skyscraper page  (keywords: Buildings, general)
A fluid painting experience. Palette tools are below the screen, as well as a brief tutorial. (2010-06)
Flame artworks  (keywords: Art, doodling)
Words of wisdom? (2010-06)
PassMark Software has developed a comprehensive range of PC benchmark and diagnostic solutions used worldwide. Compare your CPU, video card, hard drive, and system against hundreds of others. Select 'Benchmarks' menu option and use respective 'searchable list' to locate your hardware. Select it and see where it ranks. (2010-06)
Pass Mark  (keywords: Software, diagnostic)
ASL dictionary. Select any word to see video of hand sign. (2010-06)
ASL dictionary  (keywords: Language, signing)
Cats versus dogs. Just the facts. (2010-06)
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A community of amateur photographers with over 21 million photos. Browse by category or photographer. Forum for discussion, camera and gear tips, and more. (2010-06)
Foto community  (keywords: Photography, camerasPhotography, galleries)
Animation demonstrates how a Boiling Water Nuclear Power Reactor works. (2010-06)
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View thousands of short video clips of life underwater, water sports, travel to ocean locations, industrial venues, and more categories. (2010-06)
Ocean footage  (keywords: Photography, galleries)
Conjugate verbs in French, Spanish, German, and English with translation and definition. (2010-06)
Conjugator  (keywords: Language, conjugation)
Video clips of flora and fauna above the waterline, scenic locations, unique climate conditions, time lapse and slow motion, and more categories. (2010-06)
Nature footage  (keywords: Photography, nature)
A history of the Chattanooga Choo Choo Terminal Station and Trolley. (2010-06)
Freelance photographer displays high quality pictures of space shuttle and rocket launches, ballparks, and world travel. (2010-06)
Launch photos  (keywords: Photography, galleries)
Newly born hedgehogs. (2010-06)
Hedgehogs  (keywords: Animals, general)
Try to revive the patient and induce the life saving medication. Hurry! (2010-06)
Patient revival  (keywords: Games, online)
Artist uses wide open spaces as his easel. View art in 'sand' and 'earth' tabs. 'News' tab contains art piece which is zoomable. (2010-06)
Dietary guidelines for Americans brochures and documents for downloading - nutrition, food groups, recipes, calories, and all that good for you stuff. (2010-06)
Diet guidelines  (keywords: Health, nutrition)
Colorful origami creations, complete with do it yourself instructions for patient people. (2010-06)
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