Calendars (12)

Whether sanctioned by the government or just by dedicated social groups, every day is a "national day" for something. (Even a National Grilled Cheese Day.) Here is a list, in case you feel like celebrating something. (2020-05)
National days  (keywords: CalendarsEntertainment, general)
Dates of religious and civil holidays around the world. (2014-09)
Holiday dates  (keywords: Calendars)
Free 2011 monthly calendars, downloadable and editable as .pdf or .doc formats. (2011-09)
2011 calendars  (keywords: Calendars)
View calendars, leap years, daylight savings dates, moon calendars, holidays, the world clock, and sunrise and sunset times. (2010-06)
Calendar-365  (keywords: Calendars)
Know when you can reuse old calendars. (2010-04)
Calendars reuse  (keywords: Calendars)
Free 2010 monthly calendars, downloadable and editable as .pdf or .doc formats. (2010-02)
Calendars  (keywords: Calendars)
The why's and when's of DST, including the new schedules starting with 2007. (2005-12)
DST change  (keywords: CalendarsTime, general)
Download a 12 sided calendar in any of 29 languages. (2005-03)
Arntzen's calendar  (keywords: CalendarsLanguage, general)
The Earth Calendar is a daybook of holidays and celebrations around the world; browse by date, country, or religion. (2004-10)
Earth calendar  (keywords: CalendarsHolidays, general)
What date is it? Well, it depends on which calendar you use. This site helps you convert among them all: Gregorian, Julian, Hebrew, Persian, and even two different ones for Excel! (2001-12)
Fourmilab - calendar converter  (keywords: Astronomy, generalCalendars)
Follow the human gestation period from conception to birth. This site chronicles the changes that individual days, weeks, and months of pregnancy bring, in vivid words and pictures. Free access with registration. (1999-12)
Pregnancy calendar - first 9 months  (keywords: CalendarsReference, medical)
This site uses Java to show planets and stars based on the day and time. It is visual and interactive. Cool site at: (1999-12)
Sky Calendar  (keywords: CalendarsSpace, general)

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