Web Page Reviews - 2010 - May

Mouse controls this kaleidoscope. (2010-05)
Animal pictures and articles. (2010-05)
Animal zone  (keywords: Animals, general)
A unique scribbling tool which creates a web like relative effect. Change canvas, color, and brush settings. (2010-05)
AVG Rescue CD is a powerful toolset for rescue and repair of infected machines. Install on CD or USB drive. (2010-05)
AVG rescue  (keywords: Windows, security)
Ariel and ground panoramic views in various Australian cities. (2010-05)
Medieval art, castles, games, knights, weapons, armor, swords, history, and more. (2010-05)
The seat of the Roman Catholic Church. Of special interest: virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel. (2010-05)
Vatican  (keywords: ReligionTravel, Vatican)
Free online speed reading tool designed to improve your reading speed and comprehension. (2010-05)
Spreeder  (keywords: Literary, toolsSkills, general)
Over a thousand high quality photos - landscape, flora, fauna, macro, and more. (2010-05)
Nature fotos  (keywords: Photography, nature)
The place where you learn Linux. (2010-05)
Linux Place  (keywords: Linux, general)
How old are you in pi years? (2010-05)
Short movie of Michigan 60 years ago. Sleeping Bear Dunes, Traverse City, Soo Locks, and more. Made in 1949 - pre-Mackinaw Bridge and I-75 days. (2010-05)
60 yrs of MI  (keywords: Local, generalTravel, MI)
Learn the basics of using Linux and thereby Unix, without getting bogged down in too much detail or technobabble. (2010-05)
Lowfat Linux  (keywords: Linux, general)
How to thoroughly destroy that old car. View the video. (2010-05)
Slashbuster  (keywords: Automotive, general)
A stitching of 2346 single photos showing a very high resolution panoramic view of the French capital. (2010-05)
Some simple mechanisms explained through animation. (2010-05)
Collection of unusual periodic tables and periodic table formulations. (2010-05)
Periodic tables  (keywords: ChemistryEducation, chemistry)
View census forms since 1790, with emphasis on race section. Full census forms can be viewed in PDF format from links at the bottom of this webpage. (2010-05)
Census history  (keywords: Government, census)
Artist's creations of laced iron, steel, rust, and tires. (2010-05)
Cal Lane  (keywords: Art, metal)
Enter your ZIP code to see previous U.S. Census data and comparisons with neighboring ZIPs. (2010-05)
Select your egg and how well you want it cooked, and use this entertaining egg timer. (2010-05)
Einstein's laws of physics explained, accompanied by illustrations and animations. (2010-05)
Physics by Einstein  (keywords: Education, physics)
Hit a button and make some noise. (2010-05)
Noise buttons  (keywords: Humor, general)
Excel shortcuts in easy to use cheat sheets. Many are printable or available as PDF downloads. (2010-05)
Excel cheat  (keywords: Office suites, Excel)
Collection of downloadable network technology cheat sheets. (2010-05)
Online service to help people catalog their books easily with the option to also connect with people with the same books. Free for up to 200 cataloged books. (2010-05)
Catalog books  (keywords: Books, general)
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