Web Page Reviews - 2010 - October

View zip code areas using Google Maps. (2010-10)
Zip maps  (keywords: Maps, general)
Enter any password to discover the estimated length of time necessary to crack it. (2010-10)
Secure password  (keywords: Security, password, general)
Color IQ Test - drag and drop the colors in each row to arrange them by hue order. (2010-10)
Color IQ  (keywords: Skills, general)
Thousands of free coloring pages and practice writing worksheets for kids. (2010-10)
Coloring pages and Handwriting  (keywords: Children, art)
Test your knowledge of history facts with this quiz. (2010-10)
Extremely useful free utilities that do specific jobs really well and save time and money. (2010-10)
Free utilities  (keywords: Software, free)
Make a jigsaw puzzle out of your own uploaded picture. (2010-10)
Jigsaw planet  (keywords: Games, puzzles)
Keep the mouse button down and control the speed, jumps, and tricks of the skier. Scroll through the "Ski Tips" for instructions. Watch the right side of the window for dangers and hints of what's coming up. (2010-10)
Solip Skier  (keywords: Games, online)
The Perfect Pour poster for coffee fans. (2010-10)
Perfect pour  (keywords: Food, coffee)
How to (supposedly) win at Rock Paper Scissors every time. (2010-10)
Rock/paper/scissors  (keywords: Games, online)
Visual guide to the Firefox web browser. (2010-10)
Six seasons of Futurama episodes. (2010-10)
15 things every PC user should know - there are useful tips here for everyone! (2010-10)
What time is it? (2010-10)
Helvetictoc  (keywords: Time, clock)
New York Subway - history, retired cars, abandoned stations, maps, yards, and shops, all with pictures. (2010-10)
NY subway  (keywords: Trains, subwayTravel, NY)
Create and save your own icon creations, with or without animation. (2010-10)
Favicon  (keywords: Windows, icons)
Strip the mystery out of setting up and maintaining your computer equipment with these 80 guides. (2010-10)
Site for saving bucks by swapping kids' clothes with others via the USPS. (2010-10)
Swap clothes  (keywords: Clothing, children)
Vast collection of templates for MS Excel or Open Office applications. (2010-10)
Excel templates by Vertex42  (keywords: Office suites, ExcelOffice suites, templates Office suites, templates)
Deals, news, local information, and lifestyle features. 'Deals & Coupons' section can be valuable. (2010-10)
Best ways to wrap and store food, safe food handling, determining food shelf life, judging food expiration dates, refrigerator and freezer maintenance, what to do after a power outage, and more. (2010-10)
Find out what any acronym, abbreviation, or initials stands for. (2010-10)
Acronym finder  (keywords: Language, English)
Are you smart or stoopid? Take this test. Only 8 seconds per challenge. (2010-10)
Where's all my hard drive space gone? WinDirStat reads in the whole directory tree once (can take some moments depending on hard disk size) and then presents it in three useful and colorful views. (2010-10)
WinDirStat  (keywords: Software, freeWindows, utilities)
A list of 20 healthiest foods for under $1. (2010-10)
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