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Everyday new word search puzzles in 3 different sizes. (2021-03)
Word Search puzzles  (keywords: Games, puzzles)
Wall Street Journal touts this as the home for America's most elegant, adventurous and addictive crosswords and other word games. Daily additions to the collection. (2018-02)
Crossword and word puzzles  (keywords: Games, puzzles)
Hundreds of online puzzles to entertain you. (2014-02)
Online puzzles  (keywords: Games, puzzles)
Thousands of free printable Sudoku and logic puzzles, mazes, and more. Puzzles are provided as small PDF booklets with answers in the back. (2014-02)
Printable puzzles  (keywords: Games, puzzles)
Three hundred free online cryptogram puzzles. Click "Guess" when you think that you are done with each puzzle. (2013-06)
Cryptograms  (keywords: Games, puzzles)
Rotate the pipes so that all ends are closed. Each puzzle is increasingly challenging. (2012-12)
Rotate pipes  (keywords: Entertainment, online, gamesGames, puzzles)
Collection of over 500 jigsaw puzzles ranging from 15 to several hundred pieces each. Select puzzles by category or size. (2011-09)
Jigsaw games  (keywords: Games, puzzles)
Make a jigsaw puzzle out of your own uploaded picture. (2010-10)
Jigsaw planet  (keywords: Games, puzzles)
Collection of sliding puzzle games. Select "Sliding Block Puzzle Page". (2008-03)
Sliding block  (keywords: Games, puzzles)
A number placing game; unique logical solution for each one. (2005-11)
Sudoku game  (keywords: Games, onlineGames, puzzles)
A vast collection of puzzles, games, optical illusions and a do not click button. (2003-09)
Brain bashers  (keywords: Games, puzzles)

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