Web Page Reviews - 2011 - April

Standard map of the world. But selecting a topic modifies the map. Countries grow and shrink to match the statistical data. (2011-04)
Tetris like game using Lego bricks and Lego workers. Keep an eye on the timer. (2011-04)
Although site is difficult to navigate, it contains news and photos of automobiles and shows from around the world. (2011-04)
Troubleshooters help you automatically diagnose and repair problems with common computer issues, such as audio, Internet, and printing problems. (2011-04)
Fixit center  (keywords: Windows, troubleshooting)
Free online tool to easily upload, download, manage, and share your documents, presentations, videos, and images with family and friends. (2011-04)
Media Fire  (keywords: Software, online, file sharing and management)
Free tool displays your Windows folder structure contents in a unique calendar format. A Linux version is also here. (2011-04)
Nemo-docs  (keywords: Windows, utilities)
Test your knowledge with these two logo and brand quizzes. (2011-04)
Fire the cannon and nail the bunnies. Piling up cannon balls sometimes helps. A walk through video is available. (2011-04)
Paper Cannon  (keywords: Games, online)
View 15 galleries spanning more than six centuries of some of America's most significant firearm treasures. Of special interest is the video of the historic "Girandoni air rifle" used by Lewis and Clark (in the "News" section). (2011-04)
Firearm museum  (keywords: Museum, firearms)
Over 3500 photographs and 600 ads representing over one thousand different auto manufacturers with dates and places of operations from 1861-1929. (2011-04)
Play free arcade, action, racing, puzzle, and card games online or download to PC. (2011-04)
Real games  (keywords: Games, online)
Photoshop tutorials that not only produce great graphics and effects, but explain the techniques behind them in a friendly, approachable manner. (2011-04)
Photoshop tutor  (keywords: Software, Photoshop)
Online tool which lets you remove unwanted text and graphics from a web page before printing it. (2011-04)
Print what you like  (keywords: Software, online, web printing)
Memtest86 is the popular advanced memory diagnostic tool to detect memory failures in your PC. (2011-04)
Memtest  (keywords: Computers, diagnostics memory)
Utility designed to analyze and benchmark many kinds of PC hardware, such as the performance of CPU, cache, RAM, hard disk, CD/DVD-ROM, removable FLASH media, video, MP3 compression, and more. (2011-04)
PC-Wizard  (keywords: Computers, diagnostics hardware)
View ads, specs, and pictures of standard and obscure gas, steam, and electric auto brands and models. (2011-04)
The first issue of Action Comics from June, 1938, features the introduction of Superman to the world of comic books. View each page in this issue. (2011-04)
Buffer Zone Pro is a free sandboxing program which allows you to surf the web, run downloads and open email attachments safely. It creates a separate environment allowing you unlimited freedom to enjoy the Internet without the fear of external threats. (2011-04)
Buffer Zone Pro  (keywords: Software, sandbox)
Collection of antique typewriters with pictures, descriptions, and advertisements, plus ribbon tins, pencil sharpeners, staplers, and check protectors. (2011-04)
Old typewriters  (keywords: Museum, typewriters)
Clean and simple origami instructions with photos of the folding processes. (2011-04)
Origami instruction  (keywords: Art, origami)
Free high quality images for use as wallpapers in 30 categories. (2011-04)
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