Software, Photoshop (4)

Photoshop tutorials that not only produce great graphics and effects, but explain the techniques behind them in a friendly, approachable manner. (2011-04)
Photoshop tutor  (keywords: Software, Photoshop)
Collection of deep sky astronomical photographs, tips and techniques for digital astrophotography, and image processing in Photoshop. (2008-02)
Astropix  (keywords: Photography, spaceSoftware, Photoshop)
A social learning site for Photoshop artists, providing dozens of new tutorials and design articles. (2008-02)
Luxa  (keywords: Software, Photoshop)
100 high resolution Photoshop Brushes, as well as Photoshop tutorials and more. (2007-12)
Photoshop roadmap  (keywords: Software, Photoshop)

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