Web Page Reviews - 2023 - February

Many Windows users have absolutely no use for OneDrive, the Microsoft Windows synchronization tool (located in the File Explorer application), and don't want to be bothered by Microsoft's constant pushiness to use it, particularly in Windows 11. Depending on the Windows edition that is on your computer, you can turn off, disable, hide, or uninstall OneDrive. (2023-02)
How to stop OneDrive in MS Windows  (keywords: Windows, OneDrive)
11 best Windows 11 tips, tricks & hidden features to use. (2023-02)
Windows 11 tips and hidden features  (keywords: Windows, Windows 11, features)
Beginner's guide to Spotlight Search on the Mac. (2023-02)
Guide to Spotlight Search on Mac  (keywords: Apple, Mac)
5 Google Maps alternatives that actually respect your privacy. (2023-02)
Google Maps alternatives  (keywords: Maps, general)
10 Hidden Windows 10 Features You Should Be Using. (2023-02)
Hidden Windows 10 features 2  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, features)
Museum of Hewlett-Packard calculators introduced from 1968 to 1986, plus calculating machines and slide rules, and more. (2023-02)
HP calculator museum  (keywords: Museum, calculators)
Museum devoted to history and technology of desktop electronic calculating machines, from the very beginning of the electronic calculator in the early 1960's through the early beginnings of the pocket calculator of the early 1970's. (2023-02)
Calculator museum 2  (keywords: Museum, calculators)
Ads are ugly, they make websites look and perform worse, and their weird tricks can be extremely irritating. Occasionally, an ad can also be malicious. Here are some suggested best ad blockers for your web browser. (2023-02)
Ad blockers for web browsers  (keywords: Internet, blocking ads)
Do you see ads within your Windows 10 Operating System? Here is how to keep them under control. (2023-02)
Removing ads in Windows 10  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, security)
How to remove annoying ads from Windows 11. (2023-02)
Removing ads in Windows 11  (keywords: Windows, Windows 11, security)
AARP Virtual Community Center - large collection of FREE interactive online events and classes designed for learning, self improvement, and fun. Many topics of daily online presentations: health, exercise, technology, entertainment, food/drink, gardening, travel, history, and others. No membership necessary to attend. (2023-02)
AARP Virtual Community Center presentations  (keywords: Retirement, general)
How to clean a mechanical keyboard. (2023-02)
Clean mechanical keyboard  (keywords: Computers, hardware, keyboards)
How to hide/stop/block specific updates on Windows 10/11. (2023-02)
Control the updates on Windows 10/11  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, updatesWindows, Windows 11, updates)
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