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Museum devoted to history and technology of desktop electronic calculating machines, from the very beginning of the electronic calculator in the early 1960's through the early beginnings of the pocket calculator of the early 1970's. (2023-02)
Calculator museum 2  (keywords: Museum, calculators)
Museum of Hewlett-Packard calculators introduced from 1968 to 1986, plus calculating machines and slide rules, and more. (2023-02)
HP calculator museum  (keywords: Museum, calculators)
Collection of old calculators showing the evolution from mechanical calculator to pocket electronic calculator. Lots of detailed specifications and pictures. (2011-06)
Vintage calculators  (keywords: Museum, calculators)
Pictures and interior and exterior details of old calculators. Some calculator history. (2006-06)
Calculator museum 2  (keywords: Museum, calculators)

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