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Library containing thousands of file extensions with detailed descriptions, including their current use and list of programs that can open, view, edit, convert, and play them. (2020-05)
File ext  (keywords: Computers, file formats)
What "lossless" file formats are & why you shouldn't convert "lossy" to "lossless". (2019-11)
Lossy vs. lossless file formats  (keywords: Computers, file formats)
When to use which file format: PNG vs. JPG, DOC vs. PDF, and MP3 vs. FLAC. (2017-11)
File formats 2  (keywords: Computers, file formatsSoftware, file format)
File associations and related file types (also known as file 'extensions'). Know the types of files on your PC to reduce the chance of infections. (2017-06)
File extensions 2  (keywords: Computers, file formats)
Regularly updated searchable database offering file extension and associated programs information for Windows systems, as well as for MAC OS X and Unix based systems. (2010-02)
File ext  (keywords: Computers, file formats)
"Almost every file format in the world." Identifier for file extensions. (2004-05)
File Formats  (keywords: Computers, file formatsSoftware, file formats)

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