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Library containing thousands of file extensions with detailed descriptions, including their current use and list of programs that can open, view, edit, convert, and play them. (2020-05)
File ext  (keywords: Computers, file formats)
What "lossless" file formats are & why you shouldn't convert "lossy" to "lossless". (2019-11)
Lossy vs. lossless file formats  (keywords: Computers, file formats)
When to use which file format: PNG vs. JPG, DOC vs. PDF, and MP3 vs. FLAC. (2017-11)
File formats 2  (keywords: Computers, file formats, Software, file format)
File associations and related file types (also known as file 'extensions'). Know the types of files on your PC to reduce the chance of infections. (2017-06)
File extensions 2  (keywords: Computers, file formats)
Regularly updated searchable database offering file extension and associated programs information for Windows systems, as well as for MAC OS X and Unix based systems. (2010-02)
File ext  (keywords: Computers, file formats)
"Almost every file format in the world." Identifier for file extensions. (2004-05)
File Formats  (keywords: Computers, file formats, Software, file formats)

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