Web Page Reviews - 2004 - May

Liquid Man. He will follow your mouse. Right click to zoom in and out. (2004-05)
Neen - clinger  (keywords: Entertainment, general)
Amateur photos of the birth of hummingbirds. (2004-05)
Run mouse over horsemen for unique animation. (2004-05)
Neen - parade  (keywords: Entertainment, general)
Illustrated instructions for building a portable alcohol stove for camping and similar activities. (2004-05)
"Almost every file format in the world." Identifier for file extensions. (2004-05)
File Formats  (keywords: Computers, file formatsSoftware, file formats)
Before you shell out big bucks for the Maytag Man, try your luck with the guides and wisdom of the Appliantology Group. (2004-05)
Can't decide which candidate to vote for? Searching for more information on a candidate? Try this decision guide. (2004-05)
President match  (keywords: Politics)
Forgot a DOS syntax? Here's a refresher tool for DOS commands and usage examples. (2004-05)
Easy DOS - DOS index  (keywords: MSDOS)
What does your phone number spell? (2004-05)
Phone spell  (keywords: Fun)
Visit the ruins of once vibrant buildings of New England. Select a site, and then click the previous and next buttons for additional photos. (2004-05)
New England Ruins  (keywords: Photography, general)
How to totally defrag your hard drive. (2004-05)
Data Dock Torn - US  (keywords: Computers, help)
Microwave tricks - renewing a dry erase marker. (2004-05)
Expo dry marker vs. microwave  (keywords: Fun)
Multiple photo galleries of space from earth and earth from space. Hours of awe. (2004-05)
Space  (keywords: Space, general)
Annoying background images. (2004-05)
Annoying backgrounds  (keywords: Fun)
A free Windows tweak utility, X-Setup Pro. Peruse the Features section to determine whether it is useful on your system. (Editor note: Utility no longer offered for free. 2010/01/07) (2004-05)
Bonds can be a good investment. This BMA site offers tutorials and guides to help determine how and when to buy and sell. (2004-05)
Investing in bonds  (keywords: Investing)
Are you using old antivirus software? This quality A V software publisher offers your PC a free virus check. (2004-05)
Trend Micro - house call  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
The International Edible Book Festival photo gallery. Select "each year" and "photo albums" links for additional delicacies. (2004-05)
International edible book festival gallery  (keywords: Food, general)
Sabotage! "Joe Job" is a very crude form of identity theft. Read about it here. (2004-05)
Sabotage - coping with the Joe job  (keywords: Ecommerce)
Symmetrical Line Inference - several colorful animated designs. Fast PC recommended. (2004-05)
Recursive Lines  (keywords: Fun)
Among some financial programs available here is a free downloadable Retirement Calculator - how much do you need to have and how long might it last? (2004-05)
American River  (keywords: Recreation)
The unsinkable tugboat. (2004-05)
Towboat takes a dip  (keywords: Fun)
A peek into the handbags of over 40 women, exposing the contents to see what's really important. Also takes a look at a few male backpacks. (2004-05)
Bag ladies  (keywords: Fun)
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