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How to fix an unformattable and unusable USB drive. (2022-12)
Fix unusable USB drive  (keywords: Computers, hardware, flash drive)
USB flash drive vs. external HDD and SSD: Which is best for you? If anything digital is important to you, it should be stored in TWO places: on your computing device and on a separate storage device or even on two separate storage devices. (2020-06)
Flash drive vx. HDD vs. SSD  (keywords: Computers, hardware, SSDComputers, hardware, flash driveComputers, hardware, hard drive)
How should you destroy old USB flash drives so that sensitive information cannot be recovered from them? The answer applies to any type of digital storage hardware. (2019-12)
Destroying old flash drives  (keywords: Computers, hardware, flash driveSecurity, hardware)
Why can't I copy large files (larger than 4 Gigs) to my high capacity flash drive? (2018-10)
Copy large files to flash drive  (keywords: Computers, hardware, flash drive)

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