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BitTorrent is just another file-sharing method you can use. BitTorrent files are spread out over many computers using a technology called "peer-to-peer networking". Download this free "Torrent Guide for Everyone" to learn how you can use this technology. (2018-06)
Torrent Guide for Everyone  (keywords: Torrent)
Torrents 101: How torrent downloading works. (2017-06)
How Torrent downloading works  (keywords: Torrent)
How to spot fake torrent file downloads. Don't get fooled into downloading viruses and codec scam files! (2017-06)
Fake Torrent file downloads  (keywords: Torrent)
What you need to know about torrents: A beginner's guide. (2017-06)
Torrent beginner's guide  (keywords: Torrent)

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