Web Page Reviews - 2018 - June

Take a seat and travel the world through hundreds of 360° images (some with short embedded videos) using the five tabs and search box near the top of the web page. (2018-06)
Kuula  (keywords: Panorama, general)
All about World War 2 and aviation history; aviators, airplanes and museums, as well as ships, weapons, medals, and more. (2018-06)
All about WW2  (keywords: Military, general)
Blockchain for dummies - Part 1 - Introduction to the very basics. (8-min. video) (2018-06)
Blockchain for Dummies Pt 1  (keywords: Technology, Blockchain)
Blockchain for Dummies - Part 2 - Bitcoin transactions. (4-min. video) (2018-06)
Blockchain for Dummies Pt 2  (keywords: Technology, Blockchain)
Get "CyberLink Director Suite 5" for free before 7/31/2018. Enter a name and email address to download each of its 4 components and respective licenses. (2018-06)
CyberLink Director Suite  (keywords: Software, free)
4K Relaxation Channel offers several dozen vivid scenic hiking and driving videos in addition to their slower-paced scenic relaxation videos. (2018-06)
Relaxation Channel videos  (keywords: Health, relaxation)
Museum of Endangered Sounds takes you back in time to enjoy signature sounds of old technologies. (2018-06)
Endangered Sounds Museum  (keywords: Computers, sounds)
How to make sure a browser extension (a.k.a. "add-on") is safe before installing it. (2018-06)
Safe browser extensions  (keywords: Internet, browser, add-ons)
Does your chosen VPN service claim to not keep logs of your Internet activity? If so, can you trust their statement? Here's the scoop on who's NOT telling the truth, and whom you can trust, among over 100 VPN services available. (2018-06)
Logging of VPNs  (keywords: Security, VPN)
GNU/Linux Distributions Timeline charts the progression and relationships of the multitude of Linux distributions (also known as "distros" or "versions"), from 1992 to the present. (2018-06)
Linux distro timeline  (keywords: Linux, distros)
Krita is the free GIMP alternative you should be using. Here's why. (2018-06)
Krita drawing program  (keywords: Software, drawing)
Free Linux command line cheat sheet. (2018-06)
Linux command line sheet  (keywords: Linux, command line)
How to play Minesweeper, Reversi, FreeCell, and Golf (and other legacy Windows games) on Windows 10. (2018-06)
Legacy games on Windows 10  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, games)
Bizarre stories from the slimy, smelly, creepy world of science. (2018-06)
Bizarre science stories  (keywords: Science, general)
9 Android settings that'll strengthen your security. (2018-06)
Android security settings  (keywords: Android, general)
10 quick ways to speed up the new Firefox Quantum web browser. (2018-06)
Speed up Firefox Quantum  (keywords: Internet, browser, Firefox)
Windows 10 version 1803 update (Spring 2018): removed or deprecated features. Know what Microsoft is doing to your operating system. (2018-06)
Windows 10 update 1803 features  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, updates)
How to drain and flush a water heater, and the importance of doing so. (With descriptive 6-min. video) (2018-06)
Water heater drain/flush  (keywords: Appliances, water heater)
Why you should deny third-party apps permission to your Gmail account and access to your Google data, and how to do it. (2018-06)
Gmail account security  (keywords: Email, Gmail)
A brief history of bad passwords. (Includes 6-min. video) (2018-06)
Bad password history  (keywords: Security, password, general)
Download and save this list of 250 Windows command line references. You just never know when you'll need this to help diagnose a Windows problem. Do not print it - 948 pages long! (2018-06)
Windows command line reference  (keywords: Windows, command line)
How to upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 "Bionic Beaver", the latest LTS (Long Term Support) version (released April 2018). (2018-06)
Upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS  (keywords: Linux, Ubuntu)
Why did my computer crash? 7 possible reasons. (2018-06)
Computer crashed?  (keywords: Computers, diagnostics)
Juggling balls with both hands and feet. (7-min. video) (2018-06)
Juggling balls  (keywords: Skills, juggling)
How to measure inside distances using sticks. (1-min. video) (2018-06)
Measure inside distances  (keywords: Measurements)
Mom of four scalped in seconds, a warning to all women. (2018-06)
Mom gets scalped  (keywords: Automotive, emergency)
Ominous storm cloud formations across the plains set to equally ominous music. Other similarly vivid time-lapse video photography shorts available here. (5-min. video) (2018-06)
Storm cloud formations  (keywords: Weather, storms)
Your computer may be transmitting private information when online and you don't even know it. Here's how to uncover unauthorized connections your Windows computer is making. (2018-06)
Windows communication privacy  (keywords: Security, WindowsWindows, security)
VPNs for beginners. What you need to know. (2018-06)
VPNs for beginners  (keywords: Security, VPN)
Hibernate and sleep are two optimizations to the PC boot/reboot process that can speed things up. But what's the difference between them? (2018-06)
Hibernate vs. Sleep  (keywords: Windows, features)
BitTorrent is just another file-sharing method you can use. BitTorrent files are spread out over many computers using a technology called "peer-to-peer networking". Download this free "Torrent Guide for Everyone" to learn how you can use this technology. (2018-06)
Torrent Guide for Everyone  (keywords: Torrent)
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