Windows, backup (4)

How to create a recovery drive for any version of Windows (free for personal use). (2019-11)
Creating recovery drive for Windows  (keywords: Windows, backup)
Robocopy is a robust file copy tool for the Windows command line that allows you to copy files, directories, and even drives from one location to another. Here is a long list of syntax options and a few examples to put it to use. (2018-03)
Robocopy  (keywords: Windows, backup)
For those who use Macrium's Reflect program for creating and maintaining their computer backups, this is the forum for getting help with the tool. (2016-09)
Macrium Reflect forum  (keywords: Windows, backup)
You have finally run out of reasons not to back up your PC. (2014-03)
Back it up!  (keywords: Windows, backup)

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