Web Page Reviews - 2014 - March

Unique narrative portraits of prominent and up and coming music artists and bands including full length concert videos and intimate interview sessions. (2014-03)
New music artists  (keywords: Music, musical groups)
Why don't you try this? News you can use or that may just be entertaining; articles in technology, health, science, and more. (2014-03)
Why not try this  (keywords: News, general)
Maryland high school website features a video jukebox with hits from the 50s and early 60s. (2014-03)
Video jukebox  (keywords: Music, videos)
Maryland high school website features old TV shows and videos. (2014-03)
Old TV shows  (keywords: Television, shows, general)
Video of Detroit in 1961 (26 minutes). (2014-03)
Detroit 1961  (keywords: DetroitLocal, general)
You have finally run out of reasons not to back up your PC. (2014-03)
Back it up!  (keywords: Windows, backup)
Adjust the wild color designs by clicking anywhere with the mouse or adjusting the slider bars in the upper left corner. (2014-03)
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Avoid colliding with the red dots. Activate boosts by picking up the rare green dots. Move around a lot for points and stay alive. (2014-03)
Sinuous game  (keywords: Games, online)
For some folks a rain storm is a comforting background. (2014-03)
Rainy mood  (keywords: Sounds)
Free visual workouts for no equipment training routines for all fitness levels, training guide, workout manual, calorie calculator, stopwatch, and more. (2014-03)
Rolling Stone Magazine has assembled their fifty favorite sketches from the Saturday Night Live TV program. (2014-03)
Article suggesting that sitting all day is damaging your body and how to counteract it. (2014-03)
Sitting all day  (keywords: Health, exercise)
Free tool that will take any number of images saved as separate GIF files and create a single animated GIF from those images. (2014-03)
Easy way to ensure that your browsers and plugins are up to date with the latest security patches. (2014-03)
Qualys  (keywords: Software, security)
POP vs. IMAP: What do they mean and which one should you use? (2014-03)
POP vs IMAP  (keywords: Email, technology)
Converts your digital photos into art; from pencil sketches to watercolor and oil paintings, pen and ink drawings, and cartoons. (2014-03)
How to keep your internet usage as private as possible [infographic]. (2014-03)
Private Internet  (keywords: Internet, privacy)
Hungarian "Rarely Seen in History" site with rare photos and unique stories. Use a translation website as necessary. (2014-03)
Rare photos/videos  (keywords: Entertainment, online, general)
Enter any website and this site determines its readability level. (2014-03)
Readability  (keywords: Internet, web design)
Assists you in thoroughly searching all participating states to find your family's missing, lost, and unclaimed property, money and assets. (2014-03)
Missing money  (keywords: Finances, general)
Is someone stealing your Wi-Fi connection? View list of all computers and devices that are currently connected to your network with this free tool. (2014-03)
Net watcher  (keywords: Software, security)
Key: Green: active web sites - - Red: inactive web sites
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