Web Page Reviews - 1999 - October

As we enter another season, the WYSIWYG WEB WATCH hopes you will 'fall' for some of our picks for web sites related to moving, your income and what to do with it, Linux, photos from 'up there', and a potential USotM (although a smidgen less useless than usual), among other topics. Even a couple of Mac sites! There's more than first meets the eye this month, with two individual vast collections of recommended web sites. Who's got time to go to work anymore? (1999-10)
This address is a kick off site for more than enough useful and interesting sites to last at least a short lifetime. As a start, select Find Information - Best of the Internet for recommended Web Sites. Also, check out the Online Databases for articles from hundreds of periodicals. (Some of the site's areas require that you input your Macomb County library card number. Library cards are available at any public library in Macomb County for free for residents. Also, at the Troy library.) (1999-10)
Tired of those same four walls? Get "online Help for Movers" - Help before, during, and after the move. You supply the truck and pizzas. (1999-10)
Think you are hauling in the cash at work? Or instead just making peanuts? Let this site give you the lowdown on your income. (1999-10)
Your incoming email messages look like hieroglyphics. Your browser crashes as you load an audio file at your favorite John Tesh site. Wazzamatta??? "No Wonder" is a free web based service, boasting over 800 on call tech support volunteers to respond to your tech questions in 48 hours. (Maybe switch to Yanni?) (1999-10)
Experiencing a Mac Attack? Well, you can avoid the calories completely by heading to these sites for all Macintosh info and assistance. (1999-10)
Mac World  (keywords: Computers, Mac)
But you're still hungry without the 'other' MAC, so head over here for some tasty treats. (Is it true that Spam comes from 'spit' and 'ham'?) How about a recipe for Spam fettuccine primavera? Yummy! (might this be our Useless Site of the Month?) (1999-10)
A couple sites devoted to news and information (technical and other) about Linux. (1999-10)
Slash Dot  (keywords: Forum)
Is that a nonstellar mutual fund, and should you jump ship? This noncommercial site helps you know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. Select fund names from the database list, and see cumulative returns and comparisons to various benchmarks. (Then flip a coin and roll the dice.) (1999-10)
One magazine's picks for "the Web's most utilitarian addresses including sites big and small, complex and quite simple" are here. Plus their picks for the ten supremely useful sites. Even most useful sites of tomorrow. You decide… (1999-10)
Ho hum, another personal health site. Well, the former Surgeon General has 'his' site available to you, with a medical encyclopedia, drug information, insurance information, and advice on over 50 ailments and diseases. And if you find the results of your search too scary, visit the Stress Management page. (1999-10)
Another alternative to looking at your same four walls. See what the rest of your neighborhood looks like. Take a gander at "Earth from Space: An Astronaut's Views of the Home Planet". Over 250,000 images, including raging hurricanes, aftermath of Kuwait oil fires, and more. Also, photos of the Detroit area from way up there. Be sure to wave back. (1999-10)
Our elected officials have created a decent collection of cautionary articles regarding things automotive, such as buying, leasing or renting cars, deciphering auto ads, auto repair issues, auctions, and miscellaneous money saving tips. Oh....and vehicle repossession. (1999-10)
Key: Green: active web sites - - Red: inactive web sites
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