Web Page Reviews - 1999 - November

It's getting chilly out there. So before we have to rake up all the color and shovel the flurries, we can take some time out to surf the stars, listen to true worldly music, get creative with jelly beans, find a new driver, drum up a feast, and then shake it all off. (1999-11)
Listen to live radio from around the world. Search by category, station name, country, language, or USA states. Rockin' 'n rollin' in Estonia! (1999-11)
This site is like a two edged sword. The good part is that it is a very comprehensive web directory (yellow and white pages with zip codes). However, after taking a peek, you may want to have your personal listing removed. For a price, they will supply you with all sorts of data on anyone listed. (Don't forget the hyphen after the last 5.) Select anyone and click on "Search for Public Records". (1999-11)
Driving around the web looking for drivers? Use this site to help search for all your pc and peripheral driver needs by category. Can't find it? Leave a message on their message board. You may get lucky. (1999-11)
Have you noticed how the recent cool nights make for excellent star gazing? Astronomy fans and wannabes will enjoy these universal sites… (1999-11)
NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center has two sites for space exploration (one especially geared towards younger potential astronauts). (1999-11)
NASA - kids  (keywords: Government, generalSpace, general)
Space Daily (international electronic newspaper) has hundreds of articles on all sorts of space exploration, many with startling photography: (1999-11)
Sky and Telescope, "the essential magazine of astronomy", is loaded with practical advice, late breaking astronomy news, advisories on upcoming celestial events, star maps and product reviews (1999-11)
Observatory websites for the viewing the stars. (1999-11)
Griffith Observatory  (keywords: Space, general)
Boeing Company  (keywords: Space, general)
Lift-Off  (keywords: Space, general)
Take a tour of a jelly bean factory. Also, view jelly bean art, recipes, and a factory tour. (1999-11)
Jelly belly  (keywords: Cooking, dessertsFun)
National Earthquake Information Center site helps you identify and track faults and earthquakes. You can even report an earthquake (in case no one else noticed). Or was it just the pizza??? Whole lotta shakin' goin' on! (1999-11)
Most of us have a pretty good idea what we will be eating on Thanksgiving. What about the day after (or before)? There are so many delicious dishes. Let's take a look at some of the sites that can help us with some new meal ideas. (1999-11)
M-M-M-M, what smells so gooood! It could be one of the more than 60,000 recipes at the Berkeley University site: (1999-11)
From the Green Giant to Haagen Dazs and the Pillsbury Doughboy, stop by the Pillsbury site for some new recipes, information about this years Bake Off, or some of the Martha White recipes from over the last 100 years of southern cooking. You can even sign up to get great recipes emailed to you twice a month. (1999-11)
Pillsbury  (keywords: Cooking, general)
Do you ever watch food TV? Don't forget to copy those favorite recipes that you see from Emeril Lagasse, Sarah Moulton, and Martha Stewart. They all can be found here at: (1999-11)
Don't forget the Reynolds wrap, or the Reynolds Kitchens. Find out about time saving tips, how the various cooking bags, parchment paper and many other Reynolds products can help you in the kitchen. And of course they have a recipe index. (1999-11)
Do you ever need some help around the kitchen? Well stop by and visit with Heloise. She can help you with appliances, cookware, utensils, canned goods, cleaning shortcuts, food safety, and storage. The site to visit here is Nabisco and of course you will also find …. That's right …. Recipes. (1999-11)
Have you ever picked up Bon Appetite or Gourmet magazine? If you have you know the exciting foods they have. You can check out over 9,000 of their recipes online at: (1999-11)
Epicurious  (keywords: Food, general)
Store your favorite recipes in your very own recipe box. This box is provided at the Kraft web site. Find other things like recipe of the day, simple meal planner, tips of the day, cooking using what is in the house, and recipes by email. (1999-11)
Kraft Foods  (keywords: Cooking, generalFood, general)
So what is all this healthy cooking about? Check out the site at Cooking Light and find out how really good some food can be while still being good for you. (Is it really possible? Yes it is!) (1999-11)
Cooking Light  (keywords: Cooking, generalPublications)
So what goes good with wine? How about soup, stews, pastas, sauces and entrees? Try the recipes found at Holland House cooking wines and see how a little wine can perk up a recipe. (1999-11)
Cooking Wine  (keywords: Cooking, general)
Are you into talk groups? Here is one site you can go to and get cooking questions answered or you can answer questions. There is a chef of the month and you can find the ultimate for recipes. There are over one million recipes. That's enough to provide you with a new daily recipe for the next 2,740 years. (1999-11)
Cookbooks  (keywords: Cooking, general)
What about some cookies? You can find over 1,300 cookie recipes. Search by category or browse the alphabetical list. (1999-11)
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