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Look up when your software/hardware will stop getting updates. Lists end-of-life dates for Windows, Office, Linux, iPhones, iPads, and MacOS products, and much more. (2023-10)
End-of-life hardware/software dates  (keywords: Android, generalApple, generalComputers, generalLinux, generalSoftware, generalWindows, general)
Find Linux tutorials, guides, distribution reviews, and more on this Learn Linux TV YouTube channel. (2022-12)
Linux TV YouTube Channel  (keywords: Internet, YoutubeLinux, general)
Easily understand your Linux RAM usage with "Smem". (2022-02)
Linux RAM usage with Smem  (keywords: Linux, general)
Running a train in the Linux terminal to amuse your friends/family. (2021-11)
Running a train in Linux terminal  (keywords: Linux, general)
It's important to understand how to manage directories in your OS. If you're new to Linux, this article shows how to delete a directory. (2021-11)
Delete a Linux directory  (keywords: Linux, general)
Almost all major websites -- including Google, Facebook, and Wikipedia -- run on a version of Linux. It's the same with the clouds and supercomputers. Celebrate the 30th birthday of Linux, August 25, 2021!! (2021-10)
Happy 30th Birthday, Linux!  (keywords: Linux, general)
Linux running too slow? Here's how to find the cause. (2021-06)
Linux running slow?  (keywords: Linux, general)
What is the package manager system in Linux, and how does it work? (2020-11)
Linux package manager  (keywords: Linux, general)
Using apt-get commands In Linux -- a complete beginners guide. (2020-11)
Apt-get in Linux  (keywords: Linux, general)
Linux Survival is a free interactive tutorial designed to make it as easy as possible to learn Linux. (2020-11)
Linux survival  (keywords: Linux, general)
Seven free Skype alternatives for a Windows or Linux PC. (2020-05)
Skype alternatives for Windows/Linux  (keywords: Linux, generalWindows, Windows 10, features)
How to run Android apps and games on Linux. (2020-04)
Run Android apps/games on Linux  (keywords: Linux, general)
How to create a bootable Windows 10 USB in Linux. (2019-10)
Bootable Windows10 USB in Linux  (keywords: Linux, generalWindows, Windows 10, general)
Linux running too slow? Here's how to find the cause. (2018-11)
Linux running slow?  (keywords: Linux, general)
How to mount an ISO file in Linux. (2018-09)
Mount ISO file in Linux  (keywords: Linux, general)
Prevent files and folders from accidental deletion or modification in Linux. (2018-03)
Linux file deletion  (keywords: Linux, general)
120+ Linux commands that are actually useful. (2018-02)
120 Linux commands  (keywords: Linux, general)
How to "uninstall" Linux or delete Linux partition from a Windows computer. (2018-02)
Uninstall Linux  (keywords: Linux, general)
Some basic security measures specifically for people getting started with Linux. (2018-01)
Linux security measures  (keywords: Linux, general)
Eight deadly commands you should never run on Linux. (2018-01)
Deadly Linux commands  (keywords: Linux, general)
How to easily remember Linux commands (including link to a cheat sheet). (2017-12)
Remembering Linux commands  (keywords: Linux, general)
Understanding Linux commands for managing, partitioning, and troubleshooting disks and file systems. (2017-10)
Linux commands 2  (keywords: Linux, general)
10 useful 'locate' command practical examples for Linux newbies. (2017-09)
Linux 'locate' command  (keywords: Linux, general)
How to find and remove duplicate files in Linux. (2017-06)
Duplicate files in Linux  (keywords: Linux, general)
How to create a bootable live USB drive with multiple Linux distros. (2017-06)
Bootable Linux USB  (keywords: Linux, general)
How to have a Linux home server on the cheap. (2017-05)
Linux home server  (keywords: Linux, general)
Fan blog for sharing information, articles, and news about Linux, Ubuntu, and free open source software. (2017-05)
Linux/open source blog  (keywords: Linux, general)
Mounting hard disks and partitions using the Linux command line (2017-03)
Mounting Linux disks  (keywords: Linux, general)
Free tool allows you to easily install and use numerous games and apps designed to run with Microsoft Windows. (2017-02)
PlayOnLinux  (keywords: Linux, general)
20 funny terminal commands of Linux. (2017-01)
Funny Linux commands  (keywords: Linux, general)
16 commands to check hardware information on Linux. (2017-01)
Linux hardware info  (keywords: Linux, general)
50 lesser known useful Linux commands (a 5-part article). (2017-01)
Linux commands  (keywords: Linux, general)
Let's say you have a large ISO file on your Linux computer and you want to access, extract, or copy one single file from it. In Linux there are a few ways to do it. (2016-12)
Linux and ISO  (keywords: Linux, general)
How to install Linux on a computer without a DVD drive. (2016-11)
Install Linux w/o DVD  (keywords: Linux, general)
How to find out if your PC is compatible with Linux. (2016-10)
Linux compatibility  (keywords: Linux, general)
How to install Linux on a PC with Secure Boot enabled. (2016-10)
Install Linux with Secure Boot  (keywords: Linux, general)
How to install Microsoft fonts in Linux office suites. (2016-09)
MS fonts in Linux  (keywords: Linux, general)
How to dual boot Windows 10 and Linux Mint. (14 min. video) (2016-06)
Dual boot Windows 10/Linux Mint  (keywords: Linux, generalWindows, Windows 10, general)
How to run Windows programs on Linux with "CrossOver". (2016-06)
Linux CrossOver  (keywords: Linux, general)
The Linux User's Toolkit for discovering new apps; about repositories, package managers, Windows alternatives, and installing any of them. (2016-06)
Linux User's Toolkit  (keywords: Linux, general)
Six ways Linux is more welcoming than Windows for newcomers. (2016-06)
Linux vs Windows  (keywords: Linux, general)
Get the most out of Linux with these distros, software, games, and tips. (2016-05)
Linux distro tips  (keywords: Linux, general)
How to extract embedded images from a PDF file in Ubuntu using PDFImages. (2016-04)
PDFImages for Linux  (keywords: Linux, general)
Eight reasons to switch from Windows 10 (or from any other Windows version) to Linux. (2016-04)
Windows 10 to Linux  (keywords: Linux, generalWindows, Windows 10, general)
Linux application "TimeShift" provides functionality similar to the System Restore feature in Windows and the Time Machine tool in Mac OS. (2015-12)
TimeShift  (keywords: Linux, general)
TimeShift video  (keywords: Linux, general)
Five reasons why Windows 10 might make you switch to Linux. (2015-12)
Windows 10 vs. Linux  (keywords: Linux, general)
Painless way to ditch your old Windows XP for a more secure Linux. (2015-11)
XP to Linux  (keywords: Linux, general)
Myth busting Linux. (2015-11)
Linux myths  (keywords: Linux, general)
Daily news about all things Linux and Ubuntu with tips and application reviews. (2015-01)
Linux news  (keywords: Linux, general)
Top 10 uses for Linux (even if your main PC runs Windows). (2014-05)
Linux uses  (keywords: Linux, general)
Approaching 30,000 links that point you to all of the essential Linux software, the vast majority of which aren't included in a standard Linux distribution. (2011-10)
Linux links  (keywords: Linux, general)
Linux technology reference: 200+ categories, 900+ links to 100+ sites, comprehensive and easily accessible information about Linux and other free software. (2011-03)
Linux ref  (keywords: Linux, general)
Learn the basics of using Linux and thereby Unix, without getting bogged down in too much detail or technobabble. (2010-05)
Lowfat Linux  (keywords: Linux, general)
The place where you learn Linux. (2010-05)
Linux Place  (keywords: Linux, general)
Find tutorials, features, tips, and help for your Linux installation. (2010-01)
Linux install  (keywords: Linux, general)
Five free downloadable e-books to learn about Linux. (2009-10)
Linux books  (keywords: Books, e-booksLinux, general)
Boot and run Linux from USB flash memory stick. Many Linux installation tutorials here. (2008-05)
Linux on a stick  (keywords: Linux, general)
Lots of how to articles for Windows XP, Vista, and Office, Linux, Firefox, and more. (2008-01)
How-to geek  (keywords: Linux, generalPCs, helpWindows, general)
Complete free Linux based operating system. (2006-12)
Ubuntu  (keywords: Linux, general)
Site tracks Linux distributions and includes reviews and comparisons among them. (2006-05)
Linux versions  (keywords: Linux, general)
A couple of software architects have created several dozen unique utility programs and informational documents for users of Windows and Linux. (2004-03)
Sys Internals  (keywords: Linux, generalWindows, general)
A site supplying free technical assistance with hardware and software problems related to various Windows platforms. Got a Windows installation problem or want to build our own PC? Ask these folks for help. (2001-10)
Free PC tech  (keywords: Linux, general)

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