Web Page Reviews - 2003 - February

Get a free utility that checks your email with effective spam and virus elimination. (2003-02)
Mail Washer  (keywords: Email, general)
Pop-up Stopper is a free utility with ad blocking features, plus cookie management, file cleaning, and easy book marking. It allows you to remove web bugs, tracking cookies, and similar files from your PC. (2003-02)
Pop-up Stopper  (keywords: Internet, security)
This site will calculate values for a wide variety of items based on prices from over 5 million online auctions each week. If you need to know what something is worth, check it here first. (2003-02)
Strong Numbers  (keywords: Retail)
The Bristol Exploratory Science Center offers several illusions to test your mind and vision. (2003-02)
Bristol Exploratory Science Centere  (keywords: Illusions)
A. M. Best's Ratings are recognized worldwide as the benchmark for assessing the financial strength of insurance companies. How healthy is your insurer? Requires free registration to access data. (2003-02)
A M Best  (keywords: Insurance)
Info on assisted living facilities in Michigan can be found at Michigan Consumer and Industry Services (CIS). Click on "Family and Health Services". (2003-02)
In your mature years, but concerned with what the future holds with retirement only one of your options? This site is designed to help you navigate through the adventures and challenges ahead. (2003-02)
Too young to retire  (keywords: Retirement, general)
View various public health statistics for Macomb County, including restaurant inspection results for over 2100 licensed food service establishments. Are you heading for a healthy eating environment? (2003-02)
Macomb County Public Health  (keywords: Health, general, Local, general)
The American Association for Retired Persons offers info on health, learning, legislation, money, life, travel, and leisure applicable to those over 50 years of age, as well as discounts to various shopping and travel purchases. (2003-02)
American Association of Retired People  (keywords: Retirement, general)
This site defines an annuity and helps you determine whether one is right for you. It lists some companies offering annuities and offers investment calculators and related news articles. (2003-02)
View weather related photos from around the world. Submit your own for public viewing. (2003-02)
Bartender jokes and drink recipes. Search through recipes by drink name or type or by ingredient. (2003-02)
Bartender jokes  (keywords: Fun)
This site will help you to make your own Video CDs, SVCDs, and DVDs that can be played on your standalone DVD player from video sources like DVD, Video, TV, Cam, and downloaded movie clip formats. This site offers many tutorials and how to articles, as well as hardware reviews and comparisons, and suggested freeware. (2003-02)
Flags of the world. 31,000 of them! Country, war, ethnical, sporting, political, and historical banners and flags. View illustrations, descriptions, history, and symbolism of flags. (2003-02)
Flags of the world  (keywords: History, general)
Just hope that you don't end up with these folks as your neighbors! (2003-02)
Someone's collection of amusing photos. (2003-02)
The Federal Medicare site has info on health plans, nursing homes, Medicare coverage and suppliers, assisted living and assistance programs, publications, and physician and supplier directories. (2003-02)
The American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA) is a qualified nonprofit organization for the purpose of providing educational and other services to American charities regarding gift annuities and other forms of planned gifts. Definitions at the site. (2003-02)
American Council of Gift Annuities  (keywords: Charities)
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