Web Page Reviews - 2003 - January

Take a closer look at the heavens with this view through the Hubble telescope. You can view animated simulations of the Galaxies, check out magnificent picture of gaseous nebulae and colliding galaxies. You can even download pictures to use as wallpaper. (2003-01)  (keywords: Space, general)
If you have students at home who need to know how much hippos eat, what explorers Lewis and Clark packed in their first aid kit, where is Gaza, or how fireworks work, try National Geographic Homework Help. (2003-01)
Listed below are some web sites that will provide helpful information regarding Diabetes. They will have information for beginners, Diabetes facts, a Diabetes library, and the latest news about Diabetes. (2003-01)
American Diabetes Association  (keywords: Medical, diabetes)
Do you need some help with that new digital camera? Are you having problems with that old film camera? Photograph tips offers you a search engine to get help for your photographic questions. You will also find a "what's new" section that will show pictures, what is new in photographic supplies and other neat things to do. (2003-01)
Photography tips  (keywords: Photography, general)
What was on TV on March 25, 1994? How about September 28, 1957? If you want to know you can find out. This site has alphabetical listings of every show that has been on TV. (2003-01)
Are you a history buff? At Early America, you will be able research the early days. You will find a copy of the document that orders payment for the training of the minute men, find out how America got its name, and videos on the life of George Washington and Paul Revere. You can also visit the digital library for information on places, events, maps and people. (2003-01)
Early America  (keywords: History, general)
Do you have problems with pains from Arthritis and Rheumatic Diseases, back pain, cancer pain, digestive diseases, etc? The American Pain Foundation has information that will help with pain and pain management. It also has information on how to find care for pain, medications. There is an ask the expert section and discussion boards. (2003-01)
This site has information about world information about geography, maps, currency, flags and a year by year history of what was happening between 1900 and 2001 are here. This site will also provide information on arts and entertainment, biographies, business, health and science, and sports for over 100 years. (2003-01)
Info please - world almanac  (keywords: Reference, general)
What deals are available for a winter getaway vacation? Search for weekly travel specials for air, car rental, cruises, lodging and for vacation packages. (2003-01)
Travel Zoo  (keywords: Travel, general)
Are you trying to find information on the IRS or SSA or other departments of the Federal Government? This site has links to over 47 million pages with information from all three branches of the federal government. There is a tutorial for new users. You can download forms. You can even find out about consumer product recalls. (2003-01)
US Government's official web portal  (keywords: Government, generalReference, general)
You need information on the kitchen range but you can't find the manual? Check out live manuals for the on line version of manuals or for live demonstrations on how it works. You can find a list from A to Z of manufacturers. At this time there are no computer manuals but you will find information for digital cameras and coffee makers to videoconferencing. You can print copies of the pages, and if you still need help, there is even a video on how to operate the product. (2003-01)
The Merck Manuals provide a wealth of information regarding health issues. This site provides you with access to the manuals for:
The Merck Manual of Medical Information - Home Edition
The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy
The Merck Manual of Geriatrics
The Merck Veterinary Manual
The Merck Index
What is your car worth? Where do I find a good mechanic? You can find out all this for your vehicle and much more at Car talk. (2003-01)
Car Talk  (keywords: Automotive, general)
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