History, general (56)

Large collection of videos filled with interesting facts for the subjects of Life, History, Science, Space, and Beyond. (2022-05)
Hybrid Librarian  (keywords: History, generalScienceSpace, general)
Exploration of lost civilizations, sacred writings, ancient places, unexplained artifacts, scientific mysteries, and more. (2014-12)
Ancient origins  (keywords: History, general)
Collection of more than 150,000 maps focusing on rare 18th and 19th century maps of the Americas as well as other continents. wall maps, globes, maritime charts, and more. (2013-09)
Historical maps  (keywords: History, generalMaps, general)
View historical maps from international locations. Site overlays old maps onto satellite maps for comparison. Discover redirected rivers and shorelines, growing metropolitan areas, and more. View "Collection Tour" video and "View Collection" tab. (2012-10)
Historical maps  (keywords: History, generalMaps, general)
View history through photos uploaded and matched to geographical locations around the world. (2011-10)
History pin  (keywords: History, generalPhotography, history)
Enter your birth year and sit back for a description of life way back then. (2010-03)
What happened  (keywords: History, general)
Time lines of history. Search for events by year or by date. (2009-06)
History time lines  (keywords: History, general)
Comprehensive online archive of Alcatraz history. (2009-03)
Alcatraz  (keywords: History, generalLaw, general)
One view of the history of life with time line and slide show. (2009-02)
History of life  (keywords: History, general)
Do you remember when?? (2009-01)
Remember when?  (keywords: History, general)
U.S. and world events. Sports, economics, science, and entertainment events since 1900. (2008-09)
Yearly events  (keywords: History, generalNews, general)
Pick day or year, view birthdays, deaths, and historical events for over 2000 years. (2008-06)
Brainy history  (keywords: History, general)
Micro history: prehistory to today - maps and bits of history since 60,000 BC and country profiles. (2007-11)
Micro history  (keywords: History, general)
Tour the historic town of Williamsburg. Follow the 'Tour the Town" links. (2007-05)
Williamsburg tour  (keywords: History, generalTravel, VA)
Browse the pantheons of the world, explore ancient myths, and discover Gods and Saints of everything in a fully searchable Holy Database. (2007-03)
God checker  (keywords: History, generalReligion)
Post 9/11 photos of Ground Zero in NYC. (2006-10)
Post-9/11  (keywords: History, generalPhotography, general)
Locate and map over 3500 historic sites across the state of Michigan. (2006-02)
Michigan historic map  (keywords: History, generalLocal, travel)
Historic bridges of Michigan - pictures and history. (2006-01)
Michigan bridges  (keywords: Buildings, generalHistory, generalLocal, general)
Photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens. (2005-10)
Historic Athens  (keywords: History, generalPhotography, galleriesTravel, general)
Gallery of historic patents - owners, descriptions, diagrams, and animations. (2005-10)
Historic patents  (keywords: History, generalMuseum, general)
Lists of heads of state and heads of government of all countries and territories, many dating back to 1700's. (2005-10)
Rulers of the world  (keywords: Government, generalHistory, general)
Gallery of obscure patents - owners, descriptions, diagrams, and animations. (2005-10)
Obscure patents  (keywords: CuriosityHistory, generalMuseum, general)
Historic events and birthdays for any day. (2005-10)
Any day in history  (keywords: History, general)
Old Detroit history in many categories, including transportation, sports, J L Hudson's, and more. Click on 'Collections' button at the top of page for many historical photos and memorabilia. (2005-09)
Detroit history  (keywords: History, generalLocal, generalMuseum, general)
CIA World Factbook knows just about everything about everyone. View/download Factbooks 2000 - 2005. (2005-06)
CIA World Facts  (keywords: Geography, generalGovernment, generalHistory, generalTrivia)
History, construction, advertising, and models of fountain pens. Click on "penoply". (2005-05)
Fountain pen history  (keywords: History, generalMuseum, general)
Historical Atlas of the 20th Century: graphical representations of history through 2000: religion, population, war, unique worldwide events, and more. (2005-04)
Historical Atlas of 20th Century  (keywords: History, general)
Panorama of historic Detroit, including Campus Martius, with many old photos. (2005-03)
Moran's Detroit photo history  (keywords: DetroitHistory, generalPanorama, generalPhotography, galleries)
Do you speak American? Interactive look at evolution and impact of modern American slang. (2005-03)
PBS - Do you speak American  (keywords: History, generalLanguage, general)
A collection of materials about the evolutionary development of sewers over the past 5500 years. (2004-10)
Sewer history  (keywords: History, generalMiscellaneous)
Video presentation that recaptures the popular roads and destinations that defined various time periods in American travel. (2004-10)
MSNBC - travel by popular roads and destinations  (keywords: History, generalTravel, general)
Discover birthdates of famous people. Search by name, year, month, or date. (2004-10)
Famous birthdays  (keywords: History, generalPeople, general)
Historical happenings in music, sports, politics, and world news. (2004-10)
On-this-day  (keywords: Entertainment, generalHistory, general)
View timeline of miscellaneous computing languages. Click on the timeline diagram to enlarge it and follow their creations and how they feed into each other. Also similar diagrams of Windows and Unix histories. (2004-04)
Time line of computer languages  (keywords: Computers, generalHistory, generalPCs, languageSoftware, general)
Time line of Windows  (keywords: Computers, generalHistory, generalPCs, languageSoftware, generalWindows, general)
Time line of Unix  (keywords: Computers, generalHistory, generalPCs, languageSoftware, generalUnix)
A collection of vintage toy ads from the 1960's to the 1980's. (2004-02)
Vintage toy ads  (keywords: History, general)
Site investigates the history, traditions, and performance of this perilous art, with photos and Xrays and animations, types of equipment, medical terms and complications. If you’re considering doing it, don’t! (2004-02)
Sword Swallow  (keywords: History, generalHobbies, general)
Chronicle of the life and death of this New Jersey hospital that was built in 1902 and abandoned in the 1970's. (2004-02)
Mountain Sanatorium  (keywords: History, general)
The story of Pong, the first video game, with pictures of historical pong game equipment. (2004-01)
Pong story  (keywords: History, general)
Over 4000 panoramic pictures from the two previous centuries. Beauty contests, disasters, bridges, canals, fairs, military and naval activities, schools and college campuses, sports, landscapes and transportation. (2004-01)
Library of Congress - Taking the Long View  (keywords: Government, generalHistory, generalPhotography, general)
Various classic computer museums. Where you can look at big plastic boxes with less processing power than a TV remote. (2003-11)
Obsolete Computer Museum  (keywords: History, generalMuseum, general)
Old computers - free serve  (keywords: Computers, general)
Mark Randall Museum  (keywords: Museum, general)
For the history buffs, here is a site from PBS for information on the history of the USA from 1765 to 2002. (2003-05)
PBS - A History Of Us  (keywords: History, general)
Flags of the world. 31,000 of them! Country, war, ethnical, sporting, political, and historical banners and flags. View illustrations, descriptions, history, and symbolism of flags. (2003-02)
Flags of the world  (keywords: History, general)
Are you a history buff? At Early America, you will be able research the early days. You will find a copy of the document that orders payment for the training of the minute men, find out how America got its name, and videos on the life of George Washington and Paul Revere. You can also visit the digital library for information on places, events, maps and people. (2003-01)
Early America  (keywords: History, general)
Dig through hundreds of vintage radio broadcasts. Audio samples range from the 50's through the 90's. All sound clips are in RealAudio format. Dozens of collections of samples and associated historical info. (2002-12)
Reel radio  (keywords: History, general)
This site will keep you busy for hours. Collections of old newspaper ads, matchbook covers, really bad newspaper comics, pictures of old motels and diners, grotesque building sculptures, and more. (2002-12)
Lileks  (keywords: History, generalReference, general)
Students, history educators, and general history enthusiasts will find this an excellent site with useful and accurate historical information for a variety of topics and periods. (2002-11)
Best history sites  (keywords: History, general)
It's another day at school. These sites may serve to be helpful with homework. (2002-09)
High school subjects  (keywords: Education, general)
History  (keywords: History, general)
Math 2  (keywords: Education, general)
If you are an American history buff you will enjoy the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. (2002-05)
Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery - American history  (keywords: History, general)
Old car buffs (young car buffs, too!) will enjoy this photo collection of those old wood sided vehicles of the past. Click on Gallery for Woodie trucks and busses, phantom Woodies, international Woodies, and much more. Check out the restoration process in Shop Talk, and upcoming national exhibition events in Calendar. You could get lost in here! (2002-04)
Old Woodies  (keywords: Automotive, generalHistory, general)
What was a dollar worth in 1892? Compare purchasing power, interest rates and other financial variables over the past century. Just fill in the blanks with your inquiry. (2001-12)
How much is it?  (keywords: ConsumersHistory, general)
This site offers a vast collection of material relating to the 9/11/2001 Word Trade Center and Pentagon tragedy (through links to other sites), including photos, videos, graphics, and animations of the event, architecture and engineering of the structures, survivor assistance, and more. (2001-12)
M Sauers - 911 information  (keywords: History, general)
Before CDs there were cassettes; before them were 8 tracks. Links, classifieds, essays, photos, and sound clips (even one of a tape changing tracks) bring it all back again. (2001-04)
8 Track Heaven  (keywords: History, general)
The Federal Reserve Bank has assembled this informative exhibit of American currency, with exhibits of old bills and descriptions of artistic details. While there, you may find their glossary of banking terms handy. (2001-04)
American currency exhibit  (keywords: History, general)
But you're still hungry without the 'other' MAC, so head over here for some tasty treats. (Is it true that Spam comes from 'spit' and 'ham'?) How about a recipe for Spam fettuccine primavera? Yummy! (might this be our Useless Site of the Month?) (1999-10)
Spam home page - original in a can  (keywords: History, general)
Are you a history buff? This site is devoted to press coverage of events in American history: (1999-05)
Fodors  (keywords: History, general)
Can you bear to get away from your PC? Then take a trip. This site by the popular international travel book folks offers tips for planning your vacation. Post questions on their chat page and get recommendations from those who have gone before you. (1999-05)
Fodors  (keywords: History, general)

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