Web Page Reviews - 2009 - April

What you probably don't know about hard drives - six part video. (2009-04)
Web browser, search engine, and social network for kids. (2009-04)
Videos on selection, installation, care, and maintenance of various flooring materials. (2009-04)
Photo montage of the salvage of flight 1549. (2009-04)
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Free programs to open any file extension. (2009-04)
Open files  (keywords: Software, freeWindows, utilities)
Phonographs for the open road. (2009-04)
Animation of how single stream recycling works.. (2009-04)
Recycling  (keywords: Green)
Lengthy comical 404 error message. (2009-04)
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Terms for groups of animals, birds, and insects. (2009-04)
Group terms  (keywords: Animals, general)
81 optical illusions and visual phenomena. (2009-04)
Free utility displays hard drive files and folders in rectangular format with size and description. (2009-04)
Collection of international panoramic photos (select "All Panoramas" at bottom of page). (2009-04)
Optical illusion photos and videos. (2009-04)
Room planner. Use prebuilt plans or be creative. (2009-04)
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Using your mouse, rotate within each 360 degree picture of sites around the world and zoom in or out of each one. Carefully read instructions to navigate this website of 269 locations. Click on "Planisphere" at the web page top to view site pictures using a map. (2009-04)
Over 1,200 time lapse videos of land, sky, city scenery, plants, eruptions, construction, melting ice, and more. Most are very short in duration. Scroll the sliding thumb picture bar under the main video screen to scan through the collection of videos. (2009-04)
Time-lapse  (keywords: Photography, time-lapse)
Free utility goes beyond checksums to search hard drive for duplicate and similar picture files using a simple user interface. (2009-04)
Dupe picture search  (keywords: Software, freeWindows, utilities)
Compare annual trivial statistics from the 1960's through the 1990's; prices, TV, movies, music, news, books, and more. (2009-04)
Free open source tool to manage your passwords securely. (2009-04)
Manage passwords  (keywords: Security, password, generalWindows, utilities)
Customize tartan designs of varying widths, colors, and horizontal or diagonal then save your creations. (2009-04)
Tartan design  (keywords: Art, general)
Database of toilets accessible and usable to people all over the world. (2009-04)
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