Web Page Reviews - 2009 - March

Unofficial Monty Python website, with movie scripts, sound bytes, pictures, and music files. (2009-03)
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Comprehensive online archive of Alcatraz history. (2009-03)
Alcatraz  (keywords: History, generalLaw, general)
Military aircraft pictures, suitable for wallpaper. (2009-03)
The Visual Telling of Stories, peruse the sampler categories or go to the Main Menu and choose a category alphabetically, to view a HUGE collection of pre-60's advertising and periodical photos and illustrations. (2009-03)
Visit 175 military and merchant naval vessels, with pictures, descriptions, and history. (2009-03)
Naval vessels  (keywords: Military, ships)
Panoramic views of NYC at night. (2009-03)
Panoramic views in and around New York. (2009-03)
First episode of the BBC's Planet Earth; fascinating 45 minute long video of wild nature, with Pink Floyd musical accompaniment. (2009-03)
Planet Earth  (keywords: Nature, general)
Free MS Excel spreadsheet family budgeting templates, financial calculators, and calendars. (2009-03)
Excel templates  (keywords: Office suites, templates)
Alternative free office suite. (2009-03)
Exhibits, performances, and events schedules and information at the MCC Cultural Center. (2009-03)
Daily Japanese automotive news, pictures, and videos. (2009-03)
Gives a detailed description of file extensions and lists the programs that can open the type of file. (Don't allow any 'free scans' while visiting here!) (2009-03)
File extensions  (keywords: Windows, general)
Test ASCII Generator, type some text, select a font layout, and copy and paste to a text editor. Or select the "Test All" option to see all possible fonts. Play with colors. (2009-03)
ASCII generator  (keywords: Computers, ASCII text)
Get more organized. Create and print out your own checklist. (2009-03)
Checklist  (keywords: Organization)
Online hearing and tinnitus tests (some are free for a 'limited time'). (2009-03)
Hearing test  (keywords: Health, hearing)
Identify various Windows system processes and tasks, known system files, and various spyware and adware files. (2009-03)
Free online lessons and the world's largest language learning community create the most natural way to learn a language. (2009-03)
Satellite photo of Great Lakes region in Winter. (2009-03)
Tips and tutorials for MS Outlook users. (2009-03)
Discover facts about our planet, its complex patterns of biomes, plants, animals, and climates. (2009-03)
Planet facts  (keywords: Earth sciencesNature, general)
Aircraft fans may enjoy this large collection of international military aircraft at British air shows. (2009-03)
Hover with mouse in any direction and click to reveal other related Flickr images. (2009-03)
Related images  (keywords: Photography, general)
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