Animals, general (24)

Monterey Bay Aquarium Cams - See what the sharks, sea otters, penguins, jelly fish, and other various creatures are up to live. (2023-11)
Monterey Bay Aquarium cams  (keywords: Animals, general)
Even when you take precautions to keep your pet safe, they sometimes still find ways to get into these 101 things they shouldn't. (2021-12)
101 things pets should not get into  (keywords: Animals, general)
Telling inspiring, positive, and often humorous, video stories about humans being good to animals (and animals returning in kind). Click on "videos" or "playlists". (2021-10)
Inspiring, humorous animal videos  (keywords: Animals, general)
Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Explore birds, amphibians, mammals, and more. Some accompanied by audio files. (2021-03)
Explore birds, amphibians, more  (keywords: Animals, general)
Enormous collection of live-cams in natural locations includes bears, birds, oceans, eagles, dogs, cats, and much more. (2020-05)
Nature live-cams collection  (keywords: Animals, general)
The Log Movie 2, Another Year. Another view at that busy thoroughfare across a waterway. (5-min. video) (2020-02)
Log Movie Pt.2  (keywords: Animals, general)
The Log Movie. A busy thoroughfare across a waterway, at high and low water levels. (4-min. video) (2020-02)
Log Movie Pt.1  (keywords: Animals, general)
African Animal Assembly, footage of various African animals in Zambia's South Luangwa Valley. There is an incredible amount of diversity in this region. (6 minute video) (2017-12)
African animal assembly  (keywords: Animals, general)
Pupils come in a variety of shapes. Why do some animals have vertical pupils, whereas others have round or horizontal? (2016-12)
Pupil shapes  (keywords: Animals, general)
Animal pictures and articles. (2010-05)
Animal zone  (keywords: Animals, general)
Portfolio of wildlife and landscape photography of the Indian subcontinent. (2009-10)
Jungle look  (keywords: Animals, generalPhotography, animals)
Various two and four legged creatures snoozing. (2009-09)
Snoozing  (keywords: Animals, general)
View exotic animal newborns at zoos and aquariums around the world. Sort by creature or location. (2009-05)
Zoo newborns  (keywords: Animals, general)
Terms for groups of animals, birds, and insects. (2009-04)
Group terms  (keywords: Animals, general)
Comprehensive resource for pet health and wellness with library of over 10,000 'veterinarian approved' articles. (2009-01)
Pet health  (keywords: Animals, general)
Do it yourself pet vet, analyze your pet's medical condition symptoms. Select "Pet Vet". (2008-05)
Pet vet  (keywords: Animals, general)
Otters 'holding hands'. (2007-11)
Otters  (keywords: Animals, general)
More pictures of unlikely pairs of animals. (2007-10)
Animal pairs  (keywords: Animals, general)
Cute overload - pictures of cute animals. (2007-02)
Cute pictures  (keywords: Animals, generalPhotography, nature)
View pictures and information about the National Zoo's cats, pandas, invertebrates, apes, reptiles, backyard visitors, and more. (2006-11)
National Zoo  (keywords: Animals, generalWeb cam)
Every cat has his/her webpage. (2005-11)
Cat web pages  (keywords: Animals, generalInternet, browsing, general)
Every dog has his/her webpage. (2005-11)
Dog web pages  (keywords: Animals, generalInternet, browsing, general)
See what residents are up to at National Zoological Park via webcams. Click on Animals; then Live AnimalCams. (2005-09)
National Zoo  (keywords: Animals, generalWeb cam)
Meet the pets of presidents. Go to 'pets'. (2005-05)
Presidential pets  (keywords: Animals, generalGovernment, general)

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