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The National Gallery of Art offers virtual tours of their works. Start with the "Collection" or "Exhibitions" options. (2020-05)
National Gallery of Art  (keywords: Art, generalGovernment, general)
Collection of individual coloring book pages; download and print for free -- seasons, holidays, nature, more. (2016-09)
Coloring books  (keywords: Art, generalChildren, general)
View thousands of art works from around the world and across the centuries. Browse by category, date, origin, medium, or tag. (2016-06)
Global art works  (keywords: Art, general)
Sample art displayed at the Jackson Fine Art gallery in Atlanta. Select "Artists". (2014-11)
Jackson Fine Art  (keywords: Art, general)
Places that have passed into obscurity, lesser known subjects of historical interest, and the more shadowy corners of the world. Over 400 pictorial collections of abandoned vessels, vehicles, aircraft, places, and more. (2013-10)
Urban ghosts  (keywords: Architecture, generalArt, generalMilitary, generalTravel, general)
Forgotten places and urban curiosities. Search among abandoned, architecture, military, art, and travel. (2012-09)
Urban ghosts  (keywords: Architecture, generalArt, generalMilitary, generalTravel, general)
Website dedicated to the commercial art of mid-20th century America includes cars, trucks, old ads, and more. Plus vintage photo blog featuring thousands of high definition images from the 1850's to 1950's. (2011-10)
Commercial art  (keywords: Art, general)
Free fun crafts, creative ideas, downloadable and printable crafts, and coloring pages and art lessons for kids of all ages. (2011-06)
Crafts and art  (keywords: Art, generalChildren, art)
Just move the mouse around the color wall. (2010-09)
Color wall  (keywords: Art, generalCuriosity)
How many real and animated personalities do you recognize when zooming around this artwork? (2010-02)
Picture of everything  (keywords: Art, generalEntertainment, online, generalGames, online)
Sketch and Paint - create and save your artwork. Many tool, color, and texture options. (2010-01)
Sketch and Paint  (keywords: Art, generalEntertainment, online, general)
How many real and animated personalities do you recognize when zooming around this artwork? (2010-01)
Picture of everything  (keywords: Art, generalEntertainment, online, generalGames, online)
Pie charts representing proportional coloring in international flags. Click on pies to display flag. (2009-12)
Flag coloring  (keywords: Art, general)
Art too bad to be ignored. (2009-05)
Bad art  (keywords: Art, generalMuseum, art)
Customize tartan designs of varying widths, colors, and horizontal or diagonal then save your creations. (2009-04)
Tartan design  (keywords: Art, general)
Collection of 23,000 high-quality public domain images including graphic clips, illustrations, photographs, and black and white line art. (2008-12)
Illustrations  (keywords: Art, general)
Paper mache artist at work in videos. (2008-11)
Paper Mache  (keywords: Art, general)
Large colorful collection of agates, plus scenery of Britain, Scotland, Cambodia, and Turkey. (2008-09)
Agates  (keywords: Art, generalTravel, general)
Hold down mouse button to create colorful shapes using the available templates. (2008-09)
Bomomo art  (keywords: Art, generalEntertainment, online, general)
Retro gadgets and technology. (2008-06)
Retro Thing  (keywords: Art, generalTechnology, general)
Very imaginative animation clips. (2008-05)
Animation clips  (keywords: Art, generalEntertainment, online, general)
Comprehensive index of every artist represented at hundreds of museum sites, image archives, and other online resources. (2008-02)
Art cyclopedia  (keywords: Art, general)
Visit the Virtual Museum for descriptions of da Vinci's many machines and 'ideal city'. (2008-01)
Da Vinci machines  (keywords: Art, generalInvention)
Create your own mug shots. (2007-10)
Flash face  (keywords: Art, generalEntertainment, online, general)
Online Etch-a-Sketch. Create your own art; view others' works. (2007-06)
Sketching  (keywords: Art, general)
Sand sculpting. (2007-06)
Sand sculpting  (keywords: Art, general)
Draw faces by adding facial components together. (2007-02)
Flash face  (keywords: Art, generalEntertainment, online, general)
Unique cover and poster artwork. (2005-12)
Beach art  (keywords: Art, general)
Unique artwork - click on 'Paintings'. Links to other artists' web pages. (2005-12)
Ryden art  (keywords: Art, general)
99 rooms is a unique internet art project that interweaves wall painting, photography, animation, and sound in a unique manner. (2005-10)
99 Rooms  (keywords: Art, generalEntertainment, general)
Surrealistic artwork of artist, whose images graced covers of many popular 70's/80's pop music albums. (2005-06)
Art of Roger Dean  (keywords: Art, general)
Extreme structural engineering with pocket change. (2005-06)
Penny pictures  (keywords: Art, generalCreations)
Browse this artist's unique abstract artwork created through computer programming. Click each image for additional info. (2005-06)
Algorithm images  (keywords: Art, generalCuriosity)
Fascinating art of sand painting. Upon completion, optionally save 19 Meg presentation to your HD. (2005-03)
Baum's sand scape  (keywords: Art, general)
The Micropolitan Museum exhibits the often overlooked works of art that are only visible through a microscope. The “museum floor plan” link is a good place to start. (2004-04)
Micropolitan Museum  (keywords: Art, generalMuseum, general)
The faces and objects pictured here are carved from the seeds of fruit such as peach, plum, apricot, olive, sweet cherry, wild cherry and even the seed from the dogwood tree. (2004-03)
Pit carving  (keywords: Art, generalCuriosity)
View works of contemporary Uruguayan artists in this Virtual Museum of Art. (2003-12)
Virtual Museum of Arts El Pais  (keywords: Art, general)
View thousands of paintings and sculptures at the National Gallery of Art. Searchable by artist or title. (2003-12)
National Gallery of Art  (keywords: Art, generalGovernment, general)
M.C. Escher was truly one of a kind. Here you can observe some of his artworks, plus take a virtual ride through some of them, and download an interactive Escher puzzle. (2001-04)
M C Escher  (keywords: Art, general)
And finally we return home to the Detroit Institute of Arts. The DIA has been open since 1883. This collection has many great pieces of art including from Diego Rivera's "Detroit Industry", a very large collection of American works of art, and many special exhibits. (2000-03)
Detroit Institute of Art  (keywords: Art, generalLocal, general)
On our way back home let's stop in Chicago and visit the Institute of Art. Here we will find over 225,000 works of art and the most comprehensive collection of 20th century art in the world. (2000-03)
Art Institute of Chicago  (keywords: Art, general)
Let's head west to Los Angeles and to the County Museum of Art. Here you find an excellent collection of American masterpieces. Don't forget that you are in the land of all those stars and glitter. So be sure to check out the film department. (2000-03)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art  (keywords: Art, general)
We must not forget one of the most famous museums in the world, the Louvre. (2000-03)
Louvre Museum  (keywords: Art, general)
Our first stop is Washington and a stop at the National Gallery of Art. The museum contains over 100,000 paintings, drawings, photographs, and prints. (2000-03)
National Gallery of Art  (keywords: Art, generalGovernment, general)
Is it Graffiti or Art? The endless debate can be prolonged with these photos and images from around the world. (1999-06)
Graffiti  (keywords: Art, general)
Here is something for the youngest pc fanatics. This kid-able site by the crayon people has printable artwork for coloring, poetry, games, stories, and crafty project ideas for rainy days. (1999-05)
Crayola  (keywords: Art, generalFun)

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